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Will a facelift in Charlotte, NC, leave scars? Ask your top facial plastic surgeon

Will a facelift leave scars after the procedure is completed?

A facelift is a good option if you are looking to have long-lasting results. You want to consult your top Charlotte facial plastic surgeon for the best results. You may have some hesitation and concerns because of the horror stories that you may have heard about scars and pain after a facelift from a friend or family member. These concerns may have been the case 10 years ago, but thanks to modern surgical techniques, these fears are now outdated. When appropriately planned with the help of an experienced surgeon, a facelift will help you to enjoy a more youthful appearance with minimal scarring and pain.


Why scars form after surgery

Whenever the skin is cut, a scar will form from damage that’s taken place to the thick, deep layer of your skin; this is also called the dermis. Your body produces new fibers of collagen to help repair any damage to your skin; this results in scar tissue. This tissue might have a texture and quality that is different from the surrounding skin. Any surgical procedure that involves an incision, such as a facelift, will be prone to scarring. Fortunately, if you are considering a facelift, the scars that are left from the surgery are often small and, in some cases, can be concealed entirely.


An experienced plastic surgeon will be careful to make an incision along the natural contours of the face. The incisions made during a facelift are strategically made within your hair or hairline to help conceal any scars once it is healed. Your surgeon will work diligently to ensure that your incisions heal after your procedure with the absolute minimum amount of scarring.


How to minimize scarring after your facelift

Your surgeon’s skill will be a crucial element to reduce scarring after your procedure. If you want your scars to disappear, you will need to do your part as well. The following tips will give you ways to help minimize scarring after your procedure:


Don’t smoke

Nicotine can slow your healing, and scars are less visible and smoother when you’re able to heal as fast as possible. Avoiding nicotine and tobacco products before and after your surgery can help you have a safe recovery and minimal scars.


Take it easy

You should set aside a couple of weeks after your facelift for healing. You don’t need to spend all day in bed, and you can go back to your daily life just a few days after your procedure. But, having plenty of time to recover will ensure that you won’t be doing too much before you are ready. Exercise or heavy lifting before you have healed sufficiently can open your incisions again and complicate your healing.


Avoid the sun

Your scar’s worst enemy is the sun, and exposure to the sun can permanently darken your scars. Wear a hat, cover up, and use sunscreen until your scars are barely visible and flat.


Facelift in Charlotte NC from your top facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Freeman

Learning about a facelift procedure before your surgery can help with your healing process. During your consultation, your surgeon will explain the entire procedure in great detail and answer any questions that you may have. Instructions for before and after your surgery will be given to you, and it will be vital that these instructions are followed. Keeping your incisions clean will be very important, and after approximately two weeks of recovery, you should gently massage your incision; this can help with your healing.


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