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Asymmetrical Brow Lift

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Asymmetrical Brow Lift surgery by Dr. Sean Freeman

Asymmetrical brow lifts are needed if brows are asymmetric. 

The Segmental Endoscopic Brow Lift was invented by Dr. Freeman and was published in 2021. The article summarizes his over 15 years of experience using this approach. With this approach each patient’s degree of aging of the brow is determined before surgery and they are put in one of five different degrees of aging of the forehead. Dr Freeman will then perform one of five different Endoscopic Brow Lifts based on the degree of aging of the forehead of each patient.

The Endoscopic Segmental Brow Lift, invented by Dr. Freeman creates more predictable and natural-looking results with a high satisfaction rate.

 Aging brows tend to come in one of three categories as illustrated by the three patients below:

The type of release that Dr. Freeman performs under the skin of the forehead and brow will depend on the preoperative position of the medial head of the brow and the lateral tail of the brow as depicted above. In some patients, the brow position on one side of the face is so different than the other side that he elects to perform a different release on one brow than he does on the other in an attempt to make them more symmetrical after surgery. Perfect symmetry after surgery is improbable with surgery but there is nothing wrong with improvement!

See his photos for the many examples of Dr. Freeman’s asymmetric brow lifts.

Dr. Freeman chooses between endoscopic brow lifts and uses a Segmental Endoscopic Brow Lift approach so that the results fit each person, individually.