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Deep Plane Facelift

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Deep Plane Facelift

With a Deep Plane Face Lift,  incisions will be made that extend from your ear to your temples along the hairline. Skin and deeper tissue will be repositioned carefully, for a tighter, more youthful look that does not appear stretched or “worked on.” A small incision beneath the chin will also be used to allow liposculpture of extra fat in the neck area and to release the mandibular ligament.

Dr. Freeman authored a paper entitled “Endoscopic Malar Pad Lift” in 1996 and has been doing deep plane surgery incorporating the malar pad lift ever since; making him one of Americas first surgeons to use deep plane techniques.

Dr. Freeman has local patients in Charlotte, North Carolina, and has treated patients from all over the United States, and patients flying in from all around the world to receive his experienced facial plastic surgery skills.

You will be provided with a complete set of instructions to follow before and after surgery to ensure a comfortable recovery. Most of Dr. Freeman’s patients are able to return to their normal activities in approximately 10 to 14 days after facelift surgery.

 After the swelling subsides, you will see an improvement in your appearance, although it may be 6 weeks to three months before your final results are completely visible even though you are still healing.

Patients that have a heavy neck along with the sagging of the midface and perioral area receive a deep plane facelift. The incision and the steps discussed and illustrated in the deep plane mini-tuck section are the same. The only addition is an added dissection under the chin. From this incision, Dr. Freeman performs what he has termed “open liposculpture” of the unnecessary fat of the neck, both above and below the platysma muscle depending on the patient as well as tightening of the medial border of the platysma as illustrated below.

Some will also benefit from shaving the caudal portion of the submandibular gland. Dr. Freeman published this technique and has taught other surgeons this approach since the mid-nineties. He will review this with you further during your visit should he feel you are a candidate.

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