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Chin Implant

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Chin Implant (Mentoplasty)

A chin implant helps define your face. Depending upon the recommended procedure, an incision may be made inside your mouth or under your chin. Chin augmentation using Silicone implants is done with an incision under your chin. To make a chin smaller an incision inside your mouth is preferred. When incisions are made inside your mouth, it is important to inform Dr. Freeman if you smoke or if you have dental or gum problems.

For all implant procedures, you will be instructed to take oral antibiotics before and after surgery to help protect you from infection.

Dr. Freeman, your top Charlotte facial plastic surgeon, may recommend chin augmentation surgery in addition to facelift surgery or rhinoplasty for his patients when a chin implant will add to facial balance and harmony. Many patients will simply have the implant, perhaps with some minor neck surgery to achieve optimal results. Dr. Freeman is a highly sought-after facial plastic surgeon. Patients fly in from all over the United States, and from outside the USA, to see him and get his amazing surgical results.

Swelling and bruising may be visible around the chin and neck for usually about a week to ten days. During that time, you may notice some stiffness during smiling and talking; this will resolve with time. The vast majority of patients heal quickly and return to normal activities within a week.  Surgery usually takes around an hour. During the procedure, the implant (which is pre-selected according to your needs) is inserted into a pocket created on the bone. The incision is well camouflaged under your chin. Your sutures will be removed 6 days later.

Patients who choose Dr. Freeman at The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery in south Charlotte NC are choosing a physician who has specialized in lasers and facial cosmetic surgery since 1988. Our motto is “Only Faces, Only the Best Care”. We look forward to seeing you at the southeast’s center for cosmetic facial and laser surgery.

Chin Implant