Charlotte, NC teen rhinoplasty needs to be for the right reasons

Bad reasons for teen rhinoplasty There are any number of reasons why your son or daughter might want teen rhinoplasty, and not all of these are good reasons. If he or she wants a nose job because a boyfriend, girlfriend or just plain friend said it would be an improvement, that isn’t a good reason….Read More »

Charlotte, NC eye lifts are a proven way to look younger

Eye lifts and exercises If you’re exploring alternatives to an eye lift, you may have heard that facial exercises can make you look three years younger. (Not four years, of course. That would be an unreasonable expectation.) You may be wondering if this is a cheaper alternative to an eye lift or similar procedures. The…Read More »

Facelifts in Charlotte NC- know what to expect

Facelifts are becoming more common. The key to getting a facelift is to go in with the right set of expectations.Different facelift procedures involve different recovery times, are appropriate for different faces, and have different effects which last for different times. The most thorough of all facelifts in Charlotte, NC is the deep plane facelift….Read More »

Rhinoplasty recovery in Charlotte, Part 2

Rhinoplasty recovery- completing the process (The following is a dramatization. A previous post looked at the first few days of a typical case of rhinoplasty recovery.) Day 7 My boyfriend called to say he’s coming down with a cold. Sorry. Pain meds. Not clear. I’ve been recovering from my rhinoplasty for a week now. My…Read More »

Facial plastic surgery- learn about the different kinds in Charlotte NC

Facial plastic surgery- different kinds Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte, NC comes in two categories — procedures intended to make you look younger, and procedures intended to make you look better. Eyelid surgery, brow lifts and face lifts are in the first category, along with neck lifts and malar pad lifts (lifts to the mid-cheek…Read More »


For Faces Only – Dr. M. Sean Freeman Turns Back the Clock
In an article from Today's Charlotte Woman magazine, Dr. Freeman talks about how he and his staff at the Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery specialize in faces only, allowing them to refine existing techniques and achieve amazing results.... Read More »


Meet Dr. Sean Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988. As a leader in his field who has invented advanced surgical techniques, he is frequently called upon to teach and represent his peers. Learn more about his vast experience and qualifications.


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