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“The staff at The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery is informative, kind and caring about the tiniest concerns…”

Dr. Freeman understood from the first consultation as to what I was looking for to make my face of a sixty year old look like I felt inside, a woman in her late forties. He made several suggestions and I took them all!!!   I am so thrilled with the outcome. I look like I did in my late forties and feel like it too.

The staff at The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery is informative, kind and caring about the tiniest concerns. They truly cared about me as a person, not just a patient.  There were no questions that went unanswered. Dr. Freeman and his staff went to extreme measures to make sure that all of my procedures and recovery were done with my well being as a top priority. From start to finish, I truly recommend Dr. Freeman. ~Sandra Polen

“I would recommend Dr. Sean Freeman, MD to anyone considering taking years off your appearance!!”

At the age of 55 I became serious about fighting the aging process.  The journey began spending hours “on-line” researching doctors and many different “lifts” (face, brow, neck, etc).  I work in the Medical Field and felt I owed it to myself to thoroughly research all options. Through this overwhelming process, I focused on 4 specific topics:  Research (physician & procedure), Communication (physician), Staff and most importantly, Results.

Research:  Dr. Freeman is Double Board Certified (American Board of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery plus the American Board of Otolaryngology). He presents at Conferences & Instructs/Teaches other Plastic Surgeons on Plastic Surgery Procedures.

Communication:  I was thoroughly advised on all Procedures and Expectations. My questions & concerns were addressed in a caring, honest and compassionate manner and Dr. Freeman was quite clear on what I should expect.

Staff:  Office and Surgical Support Staff provided continuity of care, compassion and support through pre & post surgical care.

Results:  I am thrilled with the results.  Viewing Pre vs. Post surgery pictures is proof I made the right decision in selecting Dr. Freeman. 

Even though I live nearly two hours away from The Center for Facial Plastic & Laser Surgery, I would recommend Dr. Sean Freeman, MD to anyone considering taking years off your appearance!! ~Debra S

“There is no comparison to the level of quality service I received at Dr. Freeman’s office.”

I would like to thank Dr. Freeman and his beautiful staff. From my consultation and now through my recovery Dr. Freeman and his staff showed true concern for my needs. They have so much to offer from starting small to going as far as you want!! I am glad I made the decision to to have Dr. Freeman take care of me. There is no comparison to the level of quality service I received at Dr. Freeman’s office. Thank You. ~Patricia Cook

“I look like I did fifteen to twenty years ago.”

I was 55 and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. I exercise and work hard at taking care of myself. Yet I looked tired and worn out. I am a flight attendant. I work with different women almost every trip. I’m constantly hearing about them getting injectables, fillers and many other treatments to help them look younger. I wanted something more permanent. I started looking into a face lift. I had no idea how much it would cost. Several flight attendants told me to go to Mexico or Columbia, it’s so much cheaper. IT’S MY FACE!!! It’s not the time to bargain shop. I wanted the best doctor money could buy. Didn’t know if I could afford that doctor, but it didn’t hurt to ask. I read all the reviews I could find for doctors within a 200 miles radius. Most doctors had mixed reviews. Not doctor Sean Freeman. Everyone had nothing but praises. His before and after shots are amazing! His practice is called “Only Faces.” Why go to a surgeon that spends the majority of their time doing tummy tucks and breast implants? I scheduled a consultation. The staff at Only Faces made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Freeman asked me what I was unhappy with. Then he told me his suggestions. He was very patient and thorough describing how he does the procedures and what to expect afterwards. He then told me the price. I was thrilled, it was very reasonable. I scheduled my surgery. Dr. Freeman and his awesome staff took such good care of me. It’s been a year and I could not be more pleased with my results. I look like I did fifteen to twenty years ago. Thank you Dr. Freeman! ~Fondly, Lainy Wick

“From the very first consultation, I trusted Dr. Freeman and his staff. His technical skills and abilities are amazing…”

From the very Endoscopic Brow Lift consultation, I trusted Dr. Freeman and his staff. His technical skills and abilities are amazing, so as a cigarette smoker, I was more nervous about having to quit smoking than in the actual surgery itself. The entire team is very professional, yet not “stuffy”, who I believe sincerely care about your overall health and well-being.

Dr. Freeman and his staff invest a significant amount of time into the front end of the process learning about your state of health and preparing you, mentally and physically, for surgery and post-op. I was relatively calm the day of the surgery because I felt like everyone in that room was prepared and that I was getting the best treatment available. The post-operative care, treatment and accessibility to the staff was exceptional.

The first couple of weeks are very difficult mainly due to the swelling and it was comforting knowing they were there to answer my questions. They do not promote excessive post- surgical medicine, but more on a natural healing process which is consistent with my lifestyle and beliefs. The surgery is not for everyone as it requires patience and physical and emotional toughness. No surgery is perfect but neither are we. The results are natural which was important to me. The most important thing about the surgery is that you are doing it for yourself…not someone else. My goal was merely to be happy with myself again and Dr. Freeman and his staff have certainly made that a reality. I once again feel empowered and in charge of my life. An added benefit is that I have quit smoking for good which from a health perspective is the greatest gift of all. It is so nice getting up each morning and actually looking forward to getting ready for a new and exciting day. Thanks so very much for putting purpose back into my life! ~Susan Alcide

“I trust him implicitly with my care…”

I have been seeing Dr. Freeman for several years and have always been treated in a highly professional manner. I feel that he is genuine as a person and doctor. I trust him implicitly with my care and I have highly recommended him to my family and friends. My past and present cosmetic results have always surpassed my expectations. I look forward to the continued excellent care in the future, that I know I will receive. ~Marcia Ray

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else.”

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Freeman’s for over twelve years. I wouldn’t go anywhere else – Dr. Freeman and his staff are the best in the business here in Charlotte. ~Loren Brown

“I had to find the perfect doctor to perform this surgery. I found him in Dr. Freeman.”

I avoided the mirror for a long time, not wanted to see the wrinkles on my face. I always felt younger than my age but my face certainly made me look and feel much older. I always knew I would do something about it but I also know I had to find the perfect doctor to preform this surgery. I found him in Dr. Freeman. His staff was very friendly and they went over everything so I would know what to expect after the procedure. Dr. Freeman was excellent and I am so happy with my results. I love looking in the mirror and now I feel I look as young as I feel. It pays to take your time and find the right doctor and I certainly did. I highly recommend Dr. Freeman for any facial procedure you may want. ~ Christina Fedewa

“Having this procedure done made me look and feel years younger!!”

I had a fabulous experience with Dr Freeman and his staff. My procedure included a brow lift, midline lift, chin implant and tightening up of all the loose skin on my neck. I had all this done about a year ago, but I still see improvements in the way I look every month. The brow lift helped improve my eyesight, and I no longer have a long sagging face. I would trust my face and neck to no one other than Dr. Freeman. Yes, I did have a few days of pain and discomfort, but it was well worth it. When taking my youngest child to college last fall I was no longer afraid that I would be mistaken for his grandmother. Having this procedure done made me look and feel years younger!! I would highly recommend Dr Freeman and his competent staff for any procedure on your face and neck. ~Marilee Koewler

“Dr. Freeman did a wonderful job and the results far exceeded my expectations.”

I was always self-conscious of my profile because my strong nose and weak chin. After finally making the decision to have Rhinoplasty and a chin implant, I researched and visited several different plastic surgeons in both SC and NC before finding Dr. Freeman. I am so glad that I decided to choose him as my plastic surgeon. After having a Rhinoplasty and chin implant, my profile is nothing short of amazing. Dr. Freeman did a wonderful job and the results far exceeded my expectations. Dr. Freeman is not only a highly skilled plastic surgeon, he is a highly skilled plastic surgeon who truly listens to and cares about his patients. I would recommend Dr. Freeman to anyone. There is not a plastic surgeon that I would trust more with my face. I couldn’t be happier! ~ Liz VanDahm

“I look amazing and as young as I feel.”

Anyone who is considering a face lift needs to know, that you can’t go wrong with Dr. Freeman. I cannot believe the difference in my face. I look amazing and as young as I feel. Every member of his staff was extremely nice. They were very knowledgeable and willing to answer any questions I had, no matter how insignificant.

Everything was explained before the surgery, so that I knew what to expect during my surgery and recovery. I had a full face lift, and it was the best thing I have ever done for myself. I did not want to look like anyone else. I just wanted to look younger. It has been 6 months since my surgery. No one can believe me when I tell them how old I am. My daughter and I look like sisters. There are doctors who will do face lifts for less money, but you won’t get the same results. Dr Freeman specializes in the deep plane facelift, and he’s the best at what he does, (faces). I have already recommended him to several of my friends and acquaintances. If I ever need any work done again on my face, I will never use anyone but Dr. Freeman. ~Diane Watkins

“Body said ‘young’. Face said ‘old’…”

At 65, I had such a disconnect between what my brain told me I looked like and what the mirror showed. Mirror said “old”. Brain said “still young”. Body said “young”. Face said “old”. Then came Dr. Freeman – faces only guru – and now there is no disconnect.

No doubt I look younger — but what is more important– I don’t look old / tired/ worn out anymore. Dr. Freeman did such a great job, I don’t look stretched, my eyebrows are where they belong (without that “surprised” look less gifted surgeons give their patients), my eyelids are back !! so makeup clearly shows, and my skin is smooth. Love it. And my neck — hoo hah!! What a treat that is to show off!!

I am a questioner — and Dr. Freeman patiently answered every single one…before and after surgery. His staff was great – treated me with respect, remembered my name when I would call, and carefully treated me after surgery.

Having not worn makeup (except for mascara) for years — who wants to call attention to lots of deep crevices called wrinkles??? — I now wear it all the time because it is fun. I would do this all again with Dr. Freeman — and no one else. I went to Dr. Freeman because he specialized in just faces. And he specialized in what I needed fixed. No reason to go to a generalist when a specialist is the same price! It was a ‘no brainer’. Make the decision to look better — and then call Dr. Freeman — I am sooooo glad I did. ~Deborah Stuart

I chose Dr. Freeman after looking at his portfolio of work. He is a real artist and I wanted him to do my facial procedure. He did not disappoint! I look like the daughter I never had. ~Lucy Morrison

“What impresses me the most is his honesty….”

Dr. Freeman and his staff have done cosmetic procedures on me and reconstructive surgery on my children for the past 18 years. I have recommended him to friends who have been as happy as I have been with all of their procedures. What impresses me the most is his honesty. In a time when surgeons will do procedures on anyone who wants one, it is refreshing to go in for a peel, ask him if I can have a mini face lift, and have him say “No…you aren’t ready yet!” It is a pleasure to go into his office and it is good to know he is a surgeon I can trust. I highly recommend Dr. Freeman. ~Emily Andress

“He has performed more rhinoplastys than any other surgeon I found within 500 miles of me and his results speak for themselves.”

Dr. Freeman is a truly gifted artist and surgeon, and I am beyond grateful for his expertise. I had a rhinoplasty in 11/2012 to correct a large nose that drooped at the tip and had been broken in a childhood accident, so it was slightly off center and had a bump in the middle.

The surgery involved several corrective procedures, including deprojection (making the nose smaller), removal of the bumpy cartilage and bone, straightening and narrowing the bridge, and narrowing and lifting the tip. Dr. Freeman was very straightforward about the surgery and outcome, describing all the procedures in his office prior to the surgery and providing a virtual simulation of the results I could realistically expect.

He has performed more rhinoplasties than any other surgeon I found within 500 miles of me and his results speak for themselves. I had almost no pain from the surgery (only mild stuffiness and of course black eyes), and I attribute the very mild side effects and easy recovery to Dr. Freeman’s surgical skill.

He believes it should not be obvious that a patient has had facial surgery, and he strives to achieve a very natural, but beautiful appearance. In my case, my nose 6 weeks after surgery now resembles that of my daughter, refined, smaller and straighter, but appearing perfectly natural, the nose I wish I’d been born with!

I’ve gone from avoiding smiling in pictures (which was unflattering and made my nose appear more prominent) to happily posing for them. I am now MUCH more self-confident and although I wish I’d had the surgery years ago, I am convinced it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, thanks to an excellent surgeon.

I also want to emphasize how truly wonderful Dr. Freeman’s staff was to me. I was seen almost immediately after I arrived at every visit, and Sandy and Linda (the two nurses that personally handled my pre-op and post-op care) were the best and most caring, kindhearted individuals I’ve ever encountered in my experience with medical professionals. They were knowledgeable, professional and very reassuring, which was especially helpful for me since I’d never had facial surgery before and was apprehensive about it prior to the procedure. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Freeman and his staff without any reservation. For me, choosing Dr. Freeman was well worth the cost of the procedure and the travel!! ~Debbie R.

“No one ever suspects I had cosmetic surgery…”

I had a facelift by Dr. Freeman two years ago. I continue to be extremely happy with the results. Dr. Freeman’s work is meticulous and natural looking. No one ever suspects I had cosmetic surgery. They only know that I look very youthful for my age and I frequently get compliments about my complexion. His staff is both friendly and competent and made me feel very comfortable. I would definitely recommend Dr. Freeman for any cosmetic facial procedure. ~C. Robinson

“I highly recommend Dr. Freeman and his staff to anyone…”

Just a note to express how pleased I am with the work that Dr. Freeman has done for me. I found him to be an excellent facial surgeon, most willing to please and taking the time to review at length, each procedure with me. His office staff is equally professional and willing to go above and beyond to make the patient comfortable. In short, I highly recommend Dr. Freeman and his staff to anyone requiring a professional, dedicated and diligent team combination !!! ~E.F.

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