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Full Brow Lift

A full brow lift is for heaviness of the lateral brow, medial as well as inferior rotation of the medial head of the brow or for thick skin or strong brow depressors.

The surgical technique that Dr. Freeman recommends will depend on factors such as the position of the eyebrows, the amount of excess upper eyelid skin and the height of the hairline. Hairline height can be increased or decreased, or it may remain relatively unchanged, depending on each individual situation.

The endoscopic brow lift technique uses an endoscope – a long, thin tube with a light on the end attached to a video camera. The endoscope is inserted through several tiny incisions in the scalp, allowing Dr. Freeman to see and work on the internal structure of the forehead.

Full Brow Lift- Dr. Sean Freeman, Charlotte

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Meet Dr. Sean Freeman

Dr. Freeman is a double board-certified plastic surgeon who has specialized in aesthetic facial surgery since 1988. As a leader in his field who has invented advanced surgical techniques, he is frequently called upon to teach and represent his peers. Learn more about his vast experience and qualifications.


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