Rhinoplasty with Chin and Cheek ImplantsWell-defined facial features are a mark of physical beauty and are, in large measure, due to a patient’s underlying facial skeletal structures. Enhancing your chin or cheeks can provide a more defined and attractive appearance without making you look like a different person. Facial implants such as a chin implant from Charlotte, NC facial plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Freeman can create remarkable changes by adding balance and definition to underdeveloped features.

Patients who choose Dr. Freeman at The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery are choosing a physician who has specialized in lasers and facial cosmetic surgery since 1988. Our motto is “Only Faces, Only the Best Care.” To learn how Dr. Freeman delivers high quality care for his facial implant patients, you can request your consultation online to receive $25 off your consultation fee or call his office at (704) 543-1110.

Manufactured from a variety of materials, facial implants of various sizes and shapes are available to augment the cheeks and chin. Dr. Freeman generally uses implants that are made from silastic, which have a long history of safety. Depending upon the patient and the procedure performed you may need to be sedated for the surgery, although local anesthesia may be satisfactory. In most cases, facial implant surgery is performed in our Charlotte NC state-of-the-art office operating suite.

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