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RealSelf has named Dr. Sean Freeman “Top Doctor”

RealSelf is a popular online cosmetic surgery forum that discusses over 250 cosmetic treatments, research treatments and contains answers from board- certified doctors.  Dr. Freeman frequently answers questions posted on RealSelf has named Dr. Freeman a “Top Doctor,” based on his excellent reviews and the quality and frequency of his answers.

Facial plastic surgery patients, in Charlotte and other surrounding areas trust Dr. Sean Freeman for exceptional results and superior quality of care. He’s committed to education, and he makes sure that each patient is fully informed about every aspect of his or her procedure.

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Below, you can find Dr. Freeman’s answers to many common plastic surgery questions. If you’d like to ask Dr. Freeman a question, contact us today.  You can make your request online to receive $25 off your consultation fee, or you can also call Dr. Freeman’s office at 704-543-1110.



Q & A with M. Sean Freeman, MD