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Our facility, The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery is a pristine, modern facility in south Charlotte, North Carolina, offering patients the experience and expertise of one of the country’s foremost authorities on facial aesthetic and laser surgery. Each patient receives a detailed evaluation by Dr. Sean Freeman, tailored to meet individual needs. Patients are never rushed; instead, they are encouraged to take as much time as they need to have their questions answered and feel confident about their decisions.

Patients who choose Dr. Freeman are choosing a physician who has specialized in lasers and facial cosmetic surgery since 1988. To learn more about Dr. Freeman and our facility, you can request your consultation online to receive $25 off your consultation fee or call his office at (704) 543-1110.

Care, Safety and Quality Results

You will receive excellent one-on-one care throughout your pre-operative, operative and post operative experience at the Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery. Safety is our primary concern so Dr. Freeman and his staff spend time carefully reviewing each patient’s medical history to ensure that they are good candidates for elective cosmetic facial surgery. The majority of patient procedures are performed in our state-of-the-art operative suite. The anonymity afforded by our operative suite and the personal service that each and every patient receives from our attentive, well-trained staff ensures that their procedure is as safe and comfortable as possible. Should a particular patient require or prefer a hospital outpatient facility, Dr. Freeman maintains full privileges at Novant and consulting privileges at Atrium.

Out of Town Patients

With Dr. Freeman’s national reputation, we receive a number of patients who are traveling to Charlotte for their surgery from out of state and out of the country. For patients flying in from other areas or want to stay overnight after surgery have many nearby options near The Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery that Dr. Freeman and staff will review with them before surgery. Patients also have the option of using the services of one of our recommended nurses or trained caregivers or you can provide your own caregiver.

Dr. Freeman’s Makeovers

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