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Why is nose surgery do popular in Charlotte NC: Find top facial plastic surgeon

Nose surgery has grown in popularity

Nose surgery has stayed on the top of the most requested facial plastic surgery procedure list year after year, especially in the Charlotte NC area. It is also known as rhinoplasty, it is the oldest procedure globally for modern plastic surgery, but does this mean that it has run its course? It’s a common belief that new is usually better when you’re discussing good trends and look. What nose surgery offers is much more than a trend.


Every year, it is estimated that 200,000 people have nose surgery to correct their nose throughout the country. This makes it one of the more popular procedures that are currently available. It’s evident that every patient has reasons for having the procedure done, but these are some of the biggest reasons nose surgery is so popular.


Nose surgery offers cosmetic control

If you’re not enjoying the look of your nose, it can have detrimental effects on your concept of confidence and self-worth over time. A nose that is unattractive can pull the attention of bullies and other people to tease you and can wreak havoc over you, making you feel the need to avoid a mirror or run from the camera whenever someone wants to take pictures. You may also develop a tendency to keep your head down and shoulders bent, which can form a bad posture; you may even consider the procedure if you have health issues such as nighttime snoring or trouble breathing.


No matter the reason, being unhappy about your nose is nothing to take lightly. Nose surgery allows patients to control their appearance and make a change. When meeting with your surgeon, you will have cosmetic control, and the results of the procedure will be made to please you.


Fix medical issues

Most plastic surgery procedures are done for aesthetic purposes only, but nose surgery can be done to help fix medical issues. Your septum is a piece of cartilage that separates your airways in the nose. If this becomes deviated, you will start to suffer severe breathing problems. This can happen because of an injury to your nose or a birth defect. The only way to gain the full use of your nose will be to physically straighten your septum during surgery. When the procedure is complete, you may be amazed at how much better you will be breathing.


Nose surgery in Charlotte NC from the top facial plastic surgeon

Nose surgery will always be needed for as long as people continue to have broken noses. Plastic surgery will often be required when a nose has suffered damage or significant trauma to restore your nose to its original state, both inside and out. Some injuries that involve the nose can cause blood clots that can be dangerous and will damage your nose’s cartilage if it isn’t treated.


Having your nose checked out by a professional plastic surgeon will be vital if you have suffered any kind of injury. They will be able to advise you on whether reconstructive surgery will be right for you.


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