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When you need a brow lift

Getting a brow lift

If your brow is sagging — especially if it is sagging to the point where it presses down on your upper eyelids — or if it has horizontal creases or conspicuous frown lines that make you look more tired or unhappy than you really are, you may want to consider a brow lift. These days, facial plastic surgeons don’t just cut out a slice of the scalp and lift the skin on the brow straight up to close the wound. Instead, they lift the skin up and to the sides, reversing the usual aging pattern in which skin gradually migrates down and to the center.


Making your brow lift work

Brow lifts are usually successful. But if a brow lift is overdone and your eyebrows are pulled too far up, you end up with a permanently shocked look. In order to have this fixed, you will either need to have a second operation — and this sort of corrective surgery is much harder to perform than a normal brow lift — or wait several years for your brow to age back down to its normal position. It’s better to look for the best plastic surgeon you can find to make sure it will be done right.


You should also be willing to take whatever steps are necessary to help your brow lift turn out as good as it can. This will involve quitting smoking (if you smoke) and drinking at least two weeks before the surgery. Also, stay away from aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E, anti-inflammatory drugs, and certain herbal supplements, since they can increase bleeding. Your surgeon will have advice for you on what medications you should take.


The day of the surgery, you’ll need somebody to drive you home. They should probably stick with you for about 24 hours afterward. Recovery time is usually about two weeks, but it’ll be at least three weeks before you should do anything that might raise your blood pressure. To make it faster, sleep in a lounge chair and get one of those neck pillows people use on airplanes. The idea is to keep your head elevated. Also, don’t chew anything for too long.


Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon

The best person to go to for a brow lift or eyebrow lift in Charlotte is Dr. Sean Freeman. He has been certified by two different surgery boards, the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery) and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. Since 1988 he has done nothing but facial plastic surgery and non-surgical cosmetic procedures. He was one of the first doctors in the United States to do an endoscopic brow lift. Make an appointment with his office today, or request an online consultation to get a discount on the consultation fee.

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