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When facial plastic surgery is the right decision for you

The reasons for getting facial plastic surgery

Most people who get facial plastic surgery are not vain or conceited.  If you are considering some sort of cosmetic surgery, you have probably thought about your reasons and are not approaching the thought of surgery lightly.  This is not a simple or quick decision.  Anyone considering facial plastic surgery should first evaluate their reasons and then do their research.  If you are truly bothered by some aspect of your facial features, cosmetic surgery may be a good option for you.


Before making an appointment for a consultation, carefully consider why you want this surgery.  What is it you hope to achieve?  The best cosmetic surgeons will take time to clearly understand your motivation and your goals for the surgery.  It helps if you can explain exactly what bothers you and why you want it changed or corrected.  If you find you avoid most social gatherings because you are unhappy with your nose or how old you look, tell your surgeon this.  He can recommend facial plastic surgery procedures to fix or improve just about anything that you need.  These include neck lifts, lip enhancement, facelifts, malar pad lifts, and facial implants.


If you feel younger than you appear in the mirror, chances are a facial plastic surgery procedure can help make your appearance match the inner you.  When you look younger and more refreshed, you will also feel that way and act that way.  It is difficult to maintain vitality and energy when every time you look in the mirror you see sagging skin, deep creases or wrinkles, and a double chin.  Even the most self-confident person in the world will be impacted by an aging appearance.  One of the best facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC describes it as a fundamental change in one’s approach to life.  When the problem area is gone, your self-esteem will rise, making life much better.


Avoiding the Plastic look

One of the primary concerns of most people who are considering facial plastic surgeon is appearing plastic or looking like they have been operated on.  Most cosmetic surgeons hear this concern over and over.  The important note is that it is the plastic surgeon, not the plastic surgery procedure which results in this appearance.  When facial plastic surgeon is done well, it is virtually unnoticeable.  An unnatural or stretched appearance only happens when a surgeon is inexperienced or overzealous.   The degree of correction or change made through plastic facial surgery does not cause this.  The goal of the top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC is to have his patient appear as if they had no surgery at all.


When you choose your facial plastic surgeon, ensure they have at least ten years of experience performing these types of procedures.  It is also a very good idea to check their certifications and specialties to see if they are board-certified and specialize in facial plastic surgery.  One of Charlotte’s top plastic facial surgeons is Dr. M. Sean Freeman, of the Center for Facial Plastic and Laser Surgery, who is both boards certified and specialized in facial plastic surgery.  Dr. Freeman has more than twenty years of experience and is waiting to meet with you.  Give him a call today to discuss your facial plastic surgeon options.

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