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When a teen should consider teen rhinoplasty surgery

Determining if your teen is ready for teen rhinoplasty surgery

When planned well and performed on the right patient, teen rhinoplasty can provide great benefits.  It can improve the overall facial harmony and specifically, the nasal structure.  From making small modifications to the nasal tip to resizing the entire nose, teen rhinoplasty surgery can have a dramatic and lasting impact.  Rhinoplasty is one facial plastic surgery procedure requested by patients of all ages.  Among teens, it is the most requested procedure in the world.  Some of this is because young people are more focused on their appearance.  When considering teen rhinoplasty, it is important to understand the expectations and be realistic about the desired results.


Is your teen’s nose fully matured?

Dr. M. Sean Freeman, recognized as Charlotte NC’s best rhinoplasty surgeon always waits until a teen’s nose is fully grown.  With females, this is between ages 14 to 16 and with males, between ages 16 and 18.  This helps ensure the results of the teen rhinoplasty surgery will be permanent.  It is also important that any teen considering teen rhinoplasty be emotionally, as well as physically ready for the surgery.  The teen should have a good understanding of what to expect and be completely comfortable with the potential recovery process.  Dr. Freeman is double board certified, both by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology (head and neck surgery), so is the expert in how teen rhinoplasty surgery.  He will meet with your teen and you to discuss the entire procedure and what to expect.


Reasons for surgery

There are as many reasons for teen rhinoplasty surgery as there are for teens.  The important thing is that the teen understands what the possible results can be and is comfortable with the entire procedure.  Dr. Freeman can help the teen visualize their new nose by using imaging software.  The teen should realize that changing their nose will not completely change their appearance.  Common reasons for requesting teen rhinoplasty surgery include fixing an aesthetic concern such as a hump or a pointy tip, correcting an imbalance in the facial features, and correcting functional problems such as breathing or sinus congestion.  With younger patients, it may be more about external pressures or factors than it is about their personal desires.


If a teen is bullied or harassed because of the shape or size of their nose, they may turn to teen rhinoplasty as a means of eliminating the teasing or name-calling.  Teens who are asking for teen rhinoplasty because of peer pressure are more likely to not be happy with their final results.  When your teen is considering teen rhinoplasty, schedule a consultation with Dr. Freeman to discuss the procedure and the realistic expectations for results.

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