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What should I know about Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery for eyelids?

What should I know about Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery for eyelids? Here you can find more info on this procedure and how it helps lots of people

Why do I always look tired?

Facial plastic surgery is one way many individuals overcome the onset of aging and the continually tired appearance they have. Once eyelids begin feeling heavy without being tired, this often leads individuals to choose what we know as blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery).

Patients can suffer from dark circles, bags under the eyes, or sagging eyelids as they age. However, there are many who face these issues because their ancestors passed them down. Now, patients can seek help from Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Freeman, to correct these issues. Read on for more you ought to know about plastic surgery on the eyes.

Facial plastic surgery can enhance eyelid surgery results

Although there may be dozens of surgeons in Charlotte NC, it is unlikely they will all possess the same training, skill level, and experience.

Since the results of your blepharoplasty procedure are dependent on your surgeon’s ability, it is advisable to be sure, and your surgeon is board certified. In fact, Dr. Freeman is double board-certified and has developed many procedures in facial plastic surgery that other surgeons often follow.

Remember, the cheapest and best are rarely the same. Choosing the best surgeon for the job will mean much more than the cost and facing failure.

In some cases, there may be the need for a brow lift at the same time as your eyelid surgery. Dr. Freeman will advise this well in advance if a secondary procedure is a necessity.

Forget the makeup during your eyelid surgery recovery in Charlotte NC

There will be a strong urge to return to the real world and show your youthful appearance.

The biggest drawback for women is the idea of leaving home without a face full of cosmetics.

This may be enough to make you shudder. Such is the degree of recovery; you will need to refrain from using any cosmetics, eyebrow hairstyles, and contact lenses. This needs doing during the first few weeks, or until Dr. Freeman clears it.

Following these rules will give your eyelids time to heal without interference and reduce the risk of any complications such as infections that you can easily catch.

One thing often overlooked is men can also undergo this eyelid surgery, and they have the easy end by not wanting to wear makeup.

Seeing Charlotte NC facial plastic surgery from start to finish

Your road to a youthful and not tired appearance all begins with a consultation with Dr. Freeman. It is here, after his detailed examination, that he decides if one procedure is enough. He will also detail the results he expects.

If you want to get started, or know more about how you can find yourself looking like new again. Contact Dr. Freeman from only faces, and he will answer all the questions you need to ask about eyelid surgery. He will also have a few to ask the candidate. He does not get to be Charlotte’s most experienced facial plastic surgeon for no reason.

Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.