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What is a deep plane facelift in Charlotte, NC: Find top facial plastic surgeon

What is a deep plane facelift?

A deep plane facelift is a procedure that focuses on the movement and release of fat and muscle layers instead of pulling and removing the skin, like in other facelift procedures. The term “deep plane” is used to describe the anatomic plane that is between the SMAS-platysma complex, which is made of fascia and muscle, and the deeper muscles that are in charge of facial expression.


Many modern facelift procedures have the problem of a tight, overfilled look when completed; a deep plane facelift avoids this problem altogether. The main idea of the procedure is that it will lift only under the muscle layer, which will leave the skin attached to this layer and will never look tight. The procedure also lifts the cheeks by releasing all of the tethering points of your face in the deep plane; this means that adding fat or filler will be unnecessary.


What can you expect?

A deep plane facelift procedure is performed in a local clinic and requires someone to be with you the first couple of days after the procedure. General anesthesia is used to perform this type of facelift. The procedure can take several hours to complete; this will depend on how extensive your procedure needs to be.


Typically, the incisions of a facelift will be made in front of and behind your ears, and the incisions may also extend into your scalp.


After the incisions are made, different degrees of undermining the skin are performed, and the deeper layers of your face become lifted. There may be muscle tightening as well as liposuction performed on your neck and jowls, and any excess skin will either be repositioned or removed. The results of the procedure will be a reversal of gravity’s effects and a tightening of the soft tissues in your face.


How long does the procedure last?

A deep plane facelift can turn back the clock and make you look ten years younger or more. This change will be long-lasting, longer than a typical facelift. It would help if you understood that aging in the face will still continue; however, you will enjoy the advantages of a youthful appearance much longer than you would have without the procedure. Many patients are happy with the effects for 10-15 years; afterward, they can renew their youthful look can have a touch-up surgical procedure.


Deep plane facelift recovery in Charlotte, NC

Deep plane facelift recovery will typically involve some swelling and bruising around the areas that have been repositioned for the first few days. This will gradually go down on its own. Since the deep plane procedure is done in the layer of your face that naturally exists, there is minimal pain and bruising when completed. The surgery also keeps more of your skin’s natural blood supply by not cutting any blood vessels between the skin and muscle, which allows for faster healing.


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