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Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC: what is lip augmentation?

The top facial plastic surgeon performs a lip augmentation

A top facial plastic surgeon, in the Charlotte NC area, can perform a procedure called lip augmentation to enhance your lip’s size, shape, and appearance. Having full lips has often been considered a sign of good beauty, health, and youth. As you age, your lips can start to become thin and begin to develop wrinkles; this can make your face look aged, while others are born with naturally thin lips. A lip augmentation procedure will restore your lip’s fullness if you are not satisfied with your lips.


How is lip augmentation achieved?

You can choose from different cosmetic solutions and treatments to achieve the results you want for your lips. Most are non-invasive with short recovery periods and procedure times.


Cosmetic facial fillers: These lip filler injections are meant to shape and plump your lips, restoring their youthful volume. This is a popular treatment among women and even celebrities. With little cost and effort, these injections can enhance your facial features significantly. This is a semi-permanent solution that will require touch-ups after 6-8 months.


Hyaluronic acid fillers: An injectable hyaluronic acid filler is a temporary type of dermal filler that is all-natural. The filler attracts water that will allow nearby areas to become hydrated, providing results for 6 to 18 months. Hyaluronic acid fillers are ideal if you are getting a lip filler for the first time.


Collagen-based fillers: The original “go-to” fillers, before hyaluronic acid fillers became popular, used to be collagen-based fillers. They are used to add fullness and volume to create plump lips. Collagen-based fillers are also used to rejuvenate aged or damaged skin, and they can also help to replenish your body’s production of collagen.


Fat transfer: A lip enhancement through the transfer of fat involves collecting, purifying, and injecting fat into the lips; this is also called fat grafting. By using liposuction, a minimal amount of fat is taken from your buttocks, thighs, or even your stomach. When the fat transfer is complete, you will have an enhanced lip shape and increased volume. You will see the results from this form of treatment immediately after leaving the doctor’s office.


Lip implant: Lip implants may be the best solution for you if you are interested in improving the fullness and plumpness of your lips permanently. Every year this procedure increases in popularity and can alter the volume and shape of your lips to achieve the results that you desire.


Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC for your lip augmentation

The top facial plastic surgeon can consider you a good candidate for lip augmentation if you have thin lips that you dream of becoming thick and plump. Also, there are options available to you if you have had lips that you loved but became less full and thinner with time. The bottom line is that if fuller lips will help balance your face or your self-confidence will increase from lip augmentation, you should consider it.


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