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Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC explains neck lift recovery

Top facial plastic surgeon discusses the recovery after a neck lift

A top facial plastic surgeon in the Charlotte NC area can assist patients with various procedures to help achieve a more youthful appearance. But when a new patient is considering these procedures, the neck can be an overlooked area that contributes to an aged appearance. Your neck can contribute to your overall appearance more than you may think, and when left alone, it can make you look older than you may feel. A neck lift is a great way to have a slender, contoured neck if you are looking to rewind the effects of gravity and age.


Many patients can be nervous about the recovery that is involved, and some discomfort should be expected since a neck lift is a surgical procedure. However, it may be surprising for you to hear that there are many patients who don’t report experiencing a lot of pain during their recovery.


The benefits of a neck lift will exceed any temporary discomfort, but knowing what to expect can go a long way to having a more effortless experience.


What is a neck lift?

A neck lift is a procedure that is intended to address and improve any visible signs of aging in the neck and jawline. It is also used to treat any skin laxity and excess skin in your lower face, usually resulting in neck jowls. The procedure also addresses loose neck skin, fatty deposits underneath the chin, and tight muscle bands in your neck that can result in abnormal contours.


Gravity, heredity, stress, and environmental conditions can result in losing the youthful contours around your neck and face. You may feel that you don’t need a complete facelift or are not ready for one because you have very little dissatisfaction with the skin condition on your face. However, you may be noticing a double chin, excess skin wrinkling, jowls, or loose neck skin and want to have these conditions addressed through a neck lift procedure.


What to expect during recovery

When recovering from a neck lift, a bandage will be gently placed around your neck and face to help minimize any bruising or swelling after the procedure has been completed. Also, a thin tube may be used to drain any excess fluids or blood that may collect under your skin.


Instructions will be given to you that can include medications that need to be taken orally or applied to your skin to help with healing and reduce any possible infections, how to care for drains and the surgical site, when to follow up with your surgeon, and specific concerns to keep an eye out for around the surgical site or your health in general.


If you live a busy, active life, you may be relieved to hear that the recovery time is typically short. You may be back to work after five to seven days, and you can even start exercising again or other physical activities not long afterward.


Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte for your neck lift

The top facial plastic surgeon can perform a neck lift to help you achieve a younger look and feel better about the way you look. Many patients who undergo the procedure are pleased with the results and experience an increase in their self-confidence. But it is vital to have expectations that are realistic in regards to what a neck lift can’t and can do. Your aging clock won’t be turned off after the procedure, meaning that you will have to continue taking care of your skin. You will need to avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible, wear sunscreen, and follow a healthy routine.


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