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Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC: are you a candidate for an otoplasty?

Top facial plastic surgeon discusses otoplasty

A top facial plastic surgeon, in Charlotte NC, can perform a procedure known as otoplasty, which is a type of surgery that is performed on the ears. During the procedure, your surgeon can adjust the positioning, size, or shape of your ears.

Some patients will choose to have this procedure to correct a structural abnormality. While others will have it to fix their ears and stop them from protruding too far from their head because they don’t like the way it looks.

What is otoplasty?

An otoplasty procedure is performed to change the appearance of the position, shape, or size of your ears. It is most commonly known as an “ear pinning” surgery. A patient might decide to have an otoplasty done when their ears are protruding or asymmetrical.

As we have mentioned, protruding ears can make someone to have low self-esteem, but this condition can be fixed easily. Protruding ears occur due to one of the cartilage parts of the ear being underdeveloped. Many people will have only one ear that is protruding, while others will have surgery on both of their ears. To make the ears look well-positioned and more symmetrical, your surgeon can recreate the structure of your ears.

Are you a good candidate?

First and most importantly, you should not have any health problems that can prevent surgery. Also, your ears must have completed their development before the procedure. Both children and adults can qualify to have an otoplasty procedure, however, the ideal patient for the treatment will vary. Generally, after the age of five is when the ear cartilage will be stable enough for correction.

There are three reasons why someone would consider an otoplasty procedure:

  1. Your ears are not in proportion with other features of your face
  2. You were born with very prominent ears
  3. You have suffered a past injury

An otoplasty is an individualized surgery and you should have this done for yourself, not to create an ideal image.

What to expect after the surgery?

After the procedure, you will have a dressing that will be placed over your ears. You will need to be sure to keep the dressing dry and clean. Also, while you recover, try to do the following:

  • Avoid scratching or touching your ears.
  • Sleep in a position where you are not resting on your ears.
  • Wear clothes that you do not need to pull over your head, for example, a button-up shirt.

You may also need your stitches removed in some cases. If this is necessary, your surgeon will let you know. Some stitches will dissolve on their own.

Top facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC

The top facial plastic surgeon can perform an otoplasty, a procedure that is very common, with fewer complications than what you will probably expect. By taking the time to discuss every aspect of the procedure with your surgeon, you can minimize the risks even further and maintain a positive outlook while also preparing yourself by following the instructions given to you after the procedure.

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