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Three examples of lip enhancement

Three cases of lip enhancement

(The following are dramatizations.) Lip enhancement comes in several different forms. Here are three cases that show how it can be done.


Jessica had successfully lost a lot of weight. Her waist was thinner, her arms and legs were thinner, her face was thinner, and her lips were thinner. This last detail was a problem. Her facial plastic surgeon recommended lip augmentation using a dermal allograft. This would mean having human skin collagen implanted into her lips to fill them out.


It was ten days before the sutures were removed and she could put on makeup again, and two weeks before she was fully recovered. But when she was, the collagen was now a permanent part of her lips, and her smile had regained its old charm without the rest of her regaining her old weight.



Ashley was mostly pretty happy with her lips. She just wanted them to be the tiniest bit fuller. Not only did she not want a really big change, she couldn’t afford one — her job as an insurance sales rep required that she be able to speak clearly, and she couldn’t take even one week off work right now.


So her facial plastic surgeon recommended a filler injection. After a little topical anesthetic, a minute amount of fat was injected into her lips. In three days, the swelling had worn off and she was ready to go back to work, looking subtly better than before.



Amanda’s problem was that her upper lip looked a little bit thinner than her lower lip. Her facial plastic surgeon let her know that if it could be made just a little bit shorter, her upper lip would be pulled out and would look fuller than it was. This meant making an incision right under her nose, removing a sliver of excess skin and tightening the muscles to bring out the upper lip. The surgeon did this right in his office. The stitches came out in a matter of days, and Amanda was pleasantly surprised at how good she looked once the swelling went down.


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