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The nose job and what comes after

The first week after a nose job

If you’re planning on having rhinoplasty done, a lot depends on what happens during the recovery, so be prepared. It may not hurt much, or it may hurt a lot — and ibuprofen and aspirin are not recommended right now. Ask your surgeon whether cold packs on your face are a good idea. To begin with, you’ll be completely unconscious for the procedure and you’ll need someone to drive you home afterward.


The first two to three days after rhinoplasty are the worst. Be sure to take your pain medication and antibiotics, and avoid crying. You may not feel up to eating real food for a while, but you’ll need to burn calories in order to heal. Have some snacks, but avoid eating salty foods, which can cause inflammation at the tip of your nose. Also, drink plenty of fluids and get lots of sleep. While you’re sleeping, elevate your head and torso — especially your head. This will reduce the swelling that usually follows a nose job.


And the next few weeks

Don’t bump your nose into anything, obviously. In fact, you should avoid pullover sweaters and other garments that could brush against your nose. This unfortunately also includes glasses, if you wear them.


Take your temperature often. You really don’t want to catch a cold or the flu right now — your nose is still much too fragile to sneeze through. Limiting human contact will go a long way towards preventing that. Wash your hands often, just to make sure. Always put sunscreen on your nose if going outside on a sunny day. Otherwise, scar tissue may form on your nose and change its shape.


Don’t drink or take aspirin for the first three weeks. If you’re a smoker, don’t start smoking again until the process is complete. Be sure to keep any post-operative appointments you’ve made. Don’t do anything that might raise blood pressure in your head, such as bending over, exercising hard or lifting anything heavier than five to seven pounds. Above all, don’t worry too much about your looks until you’re sure the swelling has gone down.


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