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The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC discusses an otoplasty

When the best facial plastic surgeon suggests patients should consider otoplasty

The best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte can help to improve your appearance in a variety of ways, including well-known procedures such as rhinoplasty, facelifts, and brow lifts. But a facial plastic surgeon can also alter the size, shape, and position of your ears. This procedure of manipulating your ears is known as otoplasty.


If you look in the mirror and don’t like what you see when examining your ears, you may be thinking about how otoplasty can help in making an improved, new look. Otoplasty can create a more natural shape and bring proportion and balance to your face and ears. The correction of ear deformities can have significant benefits to your self-esteem and appearance. If disfigured or protruding ears are bothering you, you may want to consider an otoplasty procedure.


What causes prominent ears?

People’s ears are typically at an angle of between 21-30 degrees to the side of the head. Your ears can appear to stick out if the angle is more significant than 30 degrees.


Health conditions or genetic features can affect the growth of cartilage, or an injury can affect its shape. One or both of your ears can be affected by any other these factors. But prominent ears shouldn’t affect your hearing.


Why have otoplasty surgery?

Your outer ear plays a minor role in your hearing. But it is also a contributing factor to your appearance.


Otoplasty is typically performed on patients whose ears are:


  • Protruding from their head
  • Smaller or larger than normal
  • Abnormally shaped due to trauma, injury, or structural issues


Some believe that their ears may be too prominent, and this can cause them psychological distress and embarrassment. In fact, research has shown that ears that are a problem have led to people having low self-esteem and a lack of confidence and have also led to isolation. These reasons are why people choose otoplasty surgery.


Also, some may not be satisfied with the results of a previous otoplasty procedure, and for this reason, they decide to have another surgery.


Treatment, however, isn’t always necessary as some of these ear irregularities will resolve without any interference.


Best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte, NC: is otoplasty right for you?

The best facial plastic surgeon recommends that you have realistic expectations when considering any facial plastic surgery procedure. Always discuss what you’re hoping to achieve from your otoplasty with your surgeon, and always be prepared for your results.


Your surgeon will ensure that you understand the surgery and you’re prepared for your recovery after the procedure is finished as well as all of the potential outcomes. Otoplasty is a minor procedure that doesn’t need a long recovery time.


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