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Charlotte’s teen rhinoplasty surgeons explain nose job for teens

Charlotte’s teen rhinoplasty surgeons can help teenagers gain confidence

Charlotte’s teen rhinoplasty surgeons recommend that teenagers or their parents understand the procedure before making any rash decision. The likelihood is that you are among many teenagers who wish to get a nose job. Or perhaps, you are a parent that wants to boost your child’s self-confidence with a rhinoplasty procedure. The thing is, you are not alone. Teenage rhinoplasty has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It has become quicker, safer, and more sophisticated than ever. What’s more, various celebrity teenagers and social media influencers openly acknowledge having gone through the procedure themselves.

What is a rhinoplasty or nose job?

Rhinoplasty has been at the forefront of cosmetic surgeries for decades. The cosmetic surgical procedure typically alters the shape of the nose. The nose consists of three main parts: the upper section of bone, the lower portion of cartilage, and the skin covering it all. Rhinoplasty can change one or all of these based on the nose’s shape and the patient’s needs. Unknown to many, rhinoplasties are not only conducted due to cosmetic reasons. Medical purposes for wanting the procedure include blocked sinuses and disfigurement, which can result in breathing difficulties. These can either be birth defects or caused by trauma.

Why nose surgery is becoming more popular among teenagers

Getting a nose job is on the rise among teens for the following reasons:

Social media modeling

It has become apparent that the youth use social media platforms to make choices and preferences. Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok promote influencers that most teenagers follow with dedication. It’s why brands and companies use these platforms for marketing their products with the help of influencers. Some famous influencers have had a rhinoplasty and shared their journey online. It inspires followers to consider the procedure themselves. It is especially true for teens who aren’t comfortable or confident about the shape of their noses and wish to overcome this insecurity.

Teen teasing

Adolescence provides a unique experience for every teen. This is through the numerous changes in their bodies and physical appearance. It’s precisely why teens tend to become shy and behave awkwardly around this stage. Unfortunately, many teenagers face bullying for their looks in school and college. While bullying is one of the reasons to get this surgery, teen rhinoplasty surgeons always make sure that the decision comes from the right place. The specialists may refuse to perform the procedure if the purpose is to do something trendy or look like a favorite personality. But if it is intended to boost self-esteem and, in turn, self-confidence, the specialists will be happy to be of help.

The best adolescent age for nose reshaping

Many are concerned that teens are too young to get nose jobs since they are still in the growth process and their nose bones and tissues have not developed fully. This concern is valid, and knowing the best age for the procedure can ease your mind. The right age for a teen girl and boy differs. Girls can get the surgery one year after their first menstrual period. Boys should only get the procedure after attaining sixteen years.

Work with Charlotte’s teen rhinoplasty surgeons

Your results heavily depend on the expertise and experience of your surgeon. Choosing the right clinic and plastic surgeon for satisfactory results and quality post-rhinoplasty care is crucial. Work with Charlotte’s teen rhinoplasty surgeons to promote a smooth process from consultation to recovery. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.