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Teen rhinoplasty popular as consciousness of appearance grows

Why teen rhinoplasty is sought after

Teen rhinoplasty is a lot more common than it once was, and it isn’t just the fault of permissive modern parents. Teenagers have always been worried about their appearance and subject to the social judgment of their peers, and with cameras of one sort or another everywhere and so many forms of social media to post pictures on, it’s only gotten worse.


Your son or daughter may well have a good reason for wanting teen rhinoplasty, but even so, it’s best to wait until his or her features are fully mature. This is around age 15 in girls and 17 in boys.


The one thing you shouldn’t do is try to make a surprise gift out of this. The process of talking with teenagers and making sure they’re clear and consistent in their wishes and expectations is a long one and should involve you, them, and the surgeon, who has a lot of experience at this sort of thing (or should). It should also involve looking at the teenager’s medical history. They should be in good health now, with no conditions that would make rhinoplasty a bad idea. (Your surgeon will know what these conditions are.)


Teen rhinoplasty preparation and recovery

Your son or daughter should not smoke or drink for several weeks before surgery. (Actually, if he or she smokes and drinks, that may be a good subject for some more long talks.) He or she should also stay away from aspirin, ibuprofen, vitamin E supplements or herbal supplements that might cause blood thinning. If he or she wears glasses, they should be replaced with prescription contacts which he or she should learn to use. For the next few weeks, he or she should not do any heavy exercise else that would raise blood pressure. Garments that have to be pulled over the head should also be avoided. In order to prevent sneezing, he or she should do a lot of hand-washing and keep contact with others to a minimum for a few weeks.


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