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Teen rhinoplasty a big decision

Teen rhinoplasty should wait until the right age

Most forms of facial plastic surgery are not done on teenagers, because they are intended to reverse the effects of aging and teens are the last people who would need them. But in most cases, rhinoplasty is intended not to recapture an original appearance, but to improve on one. It is more like cheek or chin implants or ear surgery in this way. Because of this, and because teenagers are particularly subject to the social judgment of their peers — especially where their appearance is concerned — rhinoplasty is popular among teens. However, it should not be performed until the patient is old enough and the nose is fully developed. Assuming the patient in question is in good health, this is about age 15 in the case of girls and 17 in the case of boys.


What this means is that if your teenage son or daughter wants teen rhinoplasty, it will probably be several years before you should give it to them. Make good use of this time. Have at least one long talk with him or her, and involve the surgeon in it. Give your son or daughter the chance to express his or her hopes and expectations precisely, and let the surgeon offer the benefits of his or her experience. If this is a temporary desire, it is not worth making a permanent change to his or her face over. If the teenager has expressed this desire clearly and consistently for some time, it may be a better idea.


Picking a surgeon and going through with it

The surgeon should have a collection of before and after photos, testimonies from other patients and FAQs about teen rhinoplasty. But the most useful tool for the potential patient is computer imaging of the face, which lets the teenager see the possible results of surgery on the face and choose exactly what he or she wants.


Recovery from teen rhinoplasty requires that your son or daughter drink plenty of fluids, get a lot of sleep, and keep his or her head elevated to reduce swelling. For the next few weeks, he or she should anything that would raise the blood pressure in his or her head, such as exercise or bending over. Glasses and that need to be pulled over the head should also be avoided.

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