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Lower lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty expert explains steps for an eyelid surgery

Lower lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty perform eyelid surgery

The best lower lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty expert in Charlotte NC will handle your eyelid surgery procedure. Blepharoplasty, often known as eyelid surgery, is a surgical operation to enhance the appearance of the eyelids. Here are the steps in an eyelid surgery procedure.


During the surgical procedure, you will receive medication for comfort. General anesthesia or intravenous sedation are the options. The option that is ideal for you will be advised by your doctor.


The scars that arise from eyelid surgery are nicely hidden by the region’s natural structures thanks to the way the incision lines are created.

An incision within the upper eyelid’s natural crease can be used to treat the upper eyelid. This makes it possible to eliminate extra skin, tighten muscles, and remove or rearrange fat deposits.

An incision immediately below the lower lash line might be used to treat conditions of the lower eyelid. The lower eyelid’s extra skin is removed through this incision. Once more, the extra fat can be relocated or eliminated.

An alternative method to treat lower eyelid issues and redistribute or remove extra fat is to make a transconjunctival incision on the interior of the lower eyelid. No skin is removed with this method.

Closing incisions

Sutures or skin glue are commonly used to seal eyelid incisions. Within a week, stitches are removed.

In order to lessen the darkening of the lower eyelids, your surgeon might also advise using a laser or chemical peel.


The effects of eyelid surgery will gradually become visible as swelling and bruises go down, revealing a smooth, more clearly defined eyelid and surrounding area, as well as a more awake and youthful aspect.

You’ll receive detailed instructions, such as how to take care of your eyes, how to apply or take oral medications to promote healing and lower the risk of infection, what to look out for in terms of potential problems at the surgical site or with your general health, and when to schedule a follow-up appointment with your plastic surgeon.

With medication, cold compresses, and ointment, swelling, bruising, irritation, dry eyes, and discomfort can be managed throughout the early stages of healing. Additionally potential is irritation at the incision sites.

Get the best lower lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty expert in Charlotte NC

Your eyelid surgery will go well when you work with a board-certified blepharoplasty surgeon. Work with the best lower lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty expert in Charlotte NC.

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