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Lower Lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty in Charlotte and the different variations

Lower Lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty involves various variations. Read on to learn the different approaches the experts use for eyelid surgery in Charlotte

Lower Lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty in Charlotte helps improve eyes
Lower Lid “SOOF” Lift blepharoplasty is one of the eyelid surgery variations that experts in Charlotte perform. Each surgery variation is conducted based on the individual patient’s needs. A certified eyelid surgeon should handle blepharoplasty with ease to help the client gets results that they are interested in.

Here are some of the eyelid surgery variations that one can expect from the surgeon in Charlotte.

Upper blepharoplasty
Popular eyelid surgery removes excess skin and protruding fat or muscle on the upper eyelid. The surgeon removes just the right amount of skin to allow the eyelid to close but still allow one to look impressive.

Lower blepharoplasty
Describes surgery done on the lower eyelid. There are variations to lower blepharoplasty, including;

  • Trans-cutaneous blepharoplasty – conducted just under the eyelashes to remove extra skin for a better look on the patient.
  • Trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty – conducted through the inside of the eyelid. The procedure is ideal for patients needing fat removal.

Chemical peeling or laser resurfacing is often necessary to end up with no visible scar.

Eyelid ptosis surgery
This procedure is the corrective surgery for sagging or droopiness of one or both upper eyelids that result from injury or congenital defect. Sometimes such sagginess can affect vision and cause extensive forehead wrinkling and eye fatigue. Eyelid ptosis surgery corrects the sleepy appearance allowing the eyes to open more for better vision.

SOOF lift
SOOF stands for Sub-Orbicularis Oculi Fat, implying fat lies on top of the cheeks, directly below the lower eyelid. SOOF procedures act as a midface lift by raising fat to fill in the hollowness under the eye. It involves repositioning fat and sometimes skin for a better look on the face.

Fat repositioning
Aging brings along tissue sagging and far loss that can create noticeable ridges in the cheek region. Fat is often absent over the orbital rim, but there can be bulging fat just below the eyelashes. The fat is moved down and sutured over the bone to help one retain a youthful appearance.

Laser-assisted blepharoplasty
Incisions made to the skin can take different forms, the most common being using a scalpel. Laser blepharoplasty uses a laser to cut, producing less bruising and bleeding. The precision of the cut also minimizes collateral damage on the eyelid skin.

Hire the Charlotte facial plastic surgeon experts for the Lower Lid “SOOF” Lift
Handling the fat, tissue, and muscle over the eyes helps one maintain a youthful appearance. To get the best results, it is advisable to work with the most experienced people for the job. Hire the most experienced lower lid “SOOF” lift blepharoplasty surgeon in Charlotte.

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