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Rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC explains repairing trauma damage

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Rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC deals with multiple patients to help correct trauma damage to the nose. The most frequent causes of trauma are participating in sports, having an accident, or experiencing physical abuse. By taking into account both the structure and appearance of the patient’s nose, rhinoplasty surgeons can conduct post-trauma rhinoplasty to restore the patient’s nose.

Common trauma types

A cracked or broken septum is the most frequent injury sustained when participating in sports or during violent confrontations.

The cartilage known as the septum, which divides the left side of the nose from the right, is in charge of regulating airflow through the nose. Its positioning and orientation of it make it more prone to injury. A broken nose nearly often involves extensive bleeding and typically indicates that the septum has been cracked, bent, or shattered.

A collapsed nasal bridge, often known as a saddle nose, is a frequent nasal injury in auto accidents. A deformed nasal bridge results when the cartilage that makes up the nose’s bridge is so severely injured that it loses all structural integrity.

Rhinoplasty treatment for trauma

The most common injury suffered when playing sports or in violent encounters is a cracked or broken septum.

The septum, a piece of cartilage that separates the left and right sides of the nose, controls airflow through the nose. It is more vulnerable to harm because of how it is positioned and oriented. A broken nose almost often involves significant bleeding, and the septum is usually fractured, bent, or broken.

A saddle nose, also known as a collapsed nasal bridge, is a common nasal injury in car accidents. When the cartilage that makes up the bridge of the nose is badly wounded and loses all structural integrity, a malformed nasal bridge develops.

The surgeon will also inquire about the patient’s expectations for how the nose will seem following surgery as well as how the patient’s nose appeared before the accident. The patient’s ability to express their needs clearly at this point is crucial. A doctor will be greatly helped if the patient can provide images from before the damage if they want their nose to be returned to its previous appearance. The patient must be allowed to tell the surgeon if they want to change the original procedure in any way.

The surgeon will devise a plan for the rhinoplasty and choose the optimal method to restore the patient’s nose’s appearance and functionality based on the information acquired.

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Rhinoplasty can help correct issues in the nose, restoring the nose’s shape and function. You should find the best rhinoplasty surgeon in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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