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Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty specialist discusses frequently asked questions

Rhinoplasty specialist will help you understand the nose job procedure

Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty specialist recommends a nose job procedure to improve your appearance. Do you ever feel that your nose is too big or too small for the rest of your face? Do specific parts of your nose seem enormous or unusually shaped, or does it tilt or lean in one direction? Or perhaps you have trouble breathing normally through your nose and wish you could? Consider rhinoplasty as the ideal way to achieve the nose you’ve always wanted if any of these describe an experience you’ve had.

How long the rhinoplasty takes

Since every nose is different, every nose job must be approached differently. The average nose job lasts 1.5 to 3 hours, although they might go longer if more extensive work is required. After your nose surgery is finished, you will recover in a recovery area before being returned home to continue your rehabilitation.

Who is a good rhinoplasty candidate?

Anyone can benefit from nose jobs to enhance their breathing, looks, or both. Good candidates for this operation are generally in good health and free of any significant illnesses or medical issues. Good individuals either don’t smoke or have the ability to stop for extended periods of time. This is crucial because smoking might make healing more difficult. Finally, qualified candidates have reasonable expectations and goals for their nose job.

Reasons people get nose jobs

People get nose jobs for two reasons; functional and cosmetic.

Functional: You want a functional nose job if you need one because you have breathing problems or problems with the way your nose works. Nasal passages that are excessively narrow or distortion in the septum, a line of cartilage, are two typical issues that lead patients to seek functional nose jobs. Septal deviations can arise spontaneously or as a result of physical trauma.

Another justification for getting a functional nose job is persistent allergies or sinus infections, as well as hormonal changes. The enlarged tissues may prevent airflow from the nose.

Functional nose jobs can be performed earlier than cosmetic nose operations since they help with breathing.

Cosmetic: Your nose may tilt strangely, point too far in one direction, or have a noticeable bulge. Your nose’s tip may be upturned or bulbous, or your nostrils may be too large. The majority of people who think their nose is “too big” may focus on one or two specific aspects that feel out of proportion. The nose as a whole seems to be more balanced after altering one or two of these features. After the nasal bone has fully matured, cosmetic nose jobs should be performed.

Work with Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty specialist

A nose job procedure can help improve your overall appearance. Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC for amazing results. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.