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Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist explains key nose job aftercare

Rhinoplasty specialist can help manage swelling after your procedure

Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist will help you achieve the right results by recommending proper aftercare. Rhinoplasty surgery is a fantastic alternative if you have spent the majority of your life feeling self-conscious about the size or shape of your nose. As with any operation, you should prepare for a sizable degree of edema both where the treatment will be performed and nearby. Many of our patients ask us for advice on how to lower the swelling more quickly since they are eager to witness the outcomes of the operation. While these suggestions won’t significantly lessen the edema, they can nonetheless assist.

Elevate your head

Make careful to sleep with your head raised after the procedure. A raised head position when sleeping on your back encourages the proper drainage of any trapped fluids in the nasal area.

Avoid hot baths

Avoid getting your cast wet while you are wearing it or it will come off. Try to avoid taking hot showers, baths, or going into a sauna because these steamy, heated settings can lead to moisture gathering inside the cast.

Avoid salt

Consuming salt makes you retain fluids in your body. Prepackaged frozen foods should be avoided during this time because they often contain a lot of salt. Consume things you’ve prepared without salt if at all possible.

Hydrate regularly throughout the day

When you are dehydrated, your body strives to hold on to any fluids it can, including any retained fluids in the nose. Water is essential to stimulate the discharge of any liquids, so drink enough of it. Consider getting a reusable water bottle to carry around with you all day so you can deliberately select water over other sugary drinks.

Apply a cold compress on your forehead

After surgery, you might use a cold compress on your cheeks or forehead to assist reduce swelling. Do not place the ice pack on your skin or nose. Utilize a cloth to shield your skin from the ice pack. Give your nose’s area the time it needs to heal inside the cast and avoid applying too much pressure to it or the cast.

Work with Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty specialist

You most likely discussed the anticipated recovery period for your nose with your rhinoplasty surgeon during your consultation. Swelling can persist for up to a year in some individuals following surgery, but by day 14, the majority of the swelling has greatly decreased. Realign your expectations and realize that your body needs time to heal if you are impatiently waiting for the swelling in your nose to go down in order to get the nose you’ve always desired. Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC for outstanding results.

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