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Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC explains what affects the success rate of most procedures

Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC helps improve the odds of a successful procedure. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces for an appointment.

Rhinoplasty results are determined by multiple factors

Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC is qualified to handle your nose job surgery and help you get the best results. There are several instances when such a professional can comfortably handle the needs that you have which means that they can be able to comfortably take care of your need. You want the procedure done right the first time. Rhinoplasty success is dependent on various factors including:

Your choice of surgeon

In reality, many people believe that rhinoplasty is the trickiest cosmetic treatment to perform. Even a little alteration in the nasal profile necessitates a thorough comprehension of nasal anatomy, exact surgical technique, and awareness of the numerous potential complications-causing hazards.

To learn this difficult procedure, most surgeons must devote almost all of their time to its study and practice. You can improve your chances of procedure success by hiring a board-certified surgeon.

Qualification for surgery

You need to qualify for rhinoplasty if you want the process to be a success. Some of the things that nose job surgeons check in a suitable candidate include:

  • Your facial growth is complete
  • You don’t smoke
  • You are physically healthy
  • You have realistic goals in mind

Recovery practices

Some things you may do during recovery make it tough to get the results you want. Some of these things include:

  • Applying pressure to your nose: The outcomes of a rhinoplasty can be harmed even by the weight of eyeglasses. Patients should refrain from doing anything that puts pressure on or in the nose, including pulling garments up over their faces, sleeping on their stomach or side, twisting their heads, and wearing spectacles.
  • Blowing their noses: Pressure inside the nose can also have an impact on the healing and outcomes after rhinoplasty. During your rhinoplasty recuperation, doctors may advise utilizing a saline nasal spray to clear up any congestion you may feel rather than blowing your nose.
  • Strenuous exercises: Another activity that can put pressure on and within the nose is vigorous exercise. Playing sports, hurling balls, or taking part in team sports and activities also increases your chance of getting your nose smacked, bumped, or otherwise damaged while it is healing.
  • Smoking: Everyone is aware of the basic health dangers that smoking poses. An effective healing process requires healthy circulation while you are recovering from surgery. Smoking slows blood flow and narrows blood vessels, which can delay your rhinoplasty recovery.

Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC

Rhinoplasty surgery success is dependent on who you choose to handle your procedure. Go with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC for the best results.

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