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Rhinoplasty on different parts of the nose

The bridge, the tip and the nostrils

Most nose jobs in Charlotte are done to fix more than one part of the nose at the same time. But every once in a while, a patient wants a modification to just one part of the nose — the bridge, the tip of the nostrils.


When the bridge of the nose is operated on, it can be to correct a hump in the nose (or an outright deviated septum) or it can be to narrow the whole nose as a prelude to operating on the nostrils. This may mean fracturing the nasal bones, which will lead to a longer recovery time.


Very often, a surgeon will be asked to perform rhinoplasty on the tip of the nose, especially if that tip is too large or droops slightly. The surgeon will start by looking at the angle of the nasal tip and the upper lip, which is called the nasolabial angle. This angle should be at least 90 degrees, and it should be about ten degrees wider in women than in men.


And then there are the nostrils. Usually, when a rhinoplasty is performed here it’s because they’re too wide — they should be no wider than the space between the corners of your eyes, no matter how narrow or broad your head is. The tricky part is getting them to be perfectly symmetrical.


Managing your rhinoplasty

Stop smoking and drinking for two to three weeks before the surgery, and don’t take aspirin, ibuprofen or vitamin E. Get someone to drive you home from wherever the operation is happening. For the first two to three days after the procedure, take your antibiotics and whichever pain medication your surgeon prescribes, and follow his or her advice on cold packs. Be sure to get plenty of food, water and sleep, keeping your head elevated to reduce swelling. For the next couple of weeks, don’t wear anything that puts pressure on your nose when you take it on or off. Take your temperature often. Your surgeon will have advice on how to keep your blood pressure low and avoid blowing your nose until you’re healed.


Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon

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