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Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC explains key recovery tips

Rhinoplasty specialist can help you reshape the delicate nose structures and obtain good results.

Rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC helps you get a functional and aesthetically appealing nose. The nose job results are not easily visible after the procedure, so you have to wait until complete recovery.

Proper recovery can help you obtain great results, so you should maintain great discipline for an easy recovery. Here are some key tips to help with recovery.

Use ice to keep swelling down after a nose job

It may be possible to relieve pressure and puffiness surrounding the treated region by using a flexible ice pack or cooling pad to minimize the edema. This is particularly crucial in the early postoperative days. The cold will slow down blood flow to the area, which will lessen swelling and help your nose heal faster.

Avoid anti-inflammatory or pain medication

Anti-inflammatory drugs may increase blood flow and create swelling, which may result in bleeding or impede healing. Before using any of these medications throughout the healing process, talk about the use of anti-inflammatory medications with our surgeon.

During the first several weeks, especially the first week after surgery, you will feel some pain and discomfort. You will be given a prescription for painkillers or other medications or given recommendations in order to lessen your post-operative discomfort. The medicine quantities and instructions will be precise to prevent any negative side effects or interference with your rehabilitation that could impede the healing process.

Rest is key

Your body will need to devote its energy to recovering after surgery, therefore the less rigorous the exercise, the better. Avoiding sports or other activities where you could accidentally bump your nose is also required. The idea is to avoid any stress or harm throughout the healing process and to let your nose rest and recuperate.

Walk a bit for better circulation

Walking helps to gradually improve circulation throughout the body, which promotes fluid movement and nasal healing. Getting outside and taking a stroll can also help you feel less stressed and keep fluid or swelling from accumulating inside of you. Increasing your breathing and pulse rate can assist your body to receive more oxygen, which helps speed up the healing process.

Eat healthy and drink lots of water
Your body will heal and feel better more quickly if you eat healthfully and drink enough of water. Your body gets the nutrients it needs from a healthy diet to repair and mend. Water facilitates healing by washing out anesthetic poisons and decreasing the risk of infection. Water enables adequate wound drainage and the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to tissues.

Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC

You get the desired results by sticking to the above tips during recovery. Work with the best rhinoplasty specialist in Charlotte NC for top results.

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