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Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialists explain nose job failure

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialists help patients determine a failed nose job

Charlotte’s rhinoplasty specialists encourage patients to wait long enough to establish a nose job failure. The thought of a nose job gone wrong can be scary and devastating. But before coming to a conclusion, it’s best to understand the rhinoplasty healing time. Besides, a revision rhinoplasty exists to correct any malfunctions and unappealing aesthetics.

Rhinoplasty healing

You can’t tell that rhinoplasty failed immediately after the procedure. Complete healing takes approximately one year due to slow recovery. But you should notice continual improvement during this time. Patients can expect nasal swelling to last up to a year. Most, precisely 90%, of nasal swelling typically subsides one or two months after the procedure. Still, patients can appear in public two weeks after the surgery.

Note that the healing timeframe for everyone is unique. Your surgeon might recommend wearing a cast to keep the nasal bones in position if your nose was broken during the procedure. Speak with your surgeon if you have any concerns and think you may have a failed nose job. You should also wait for your nose to completely heal before considering revision rhinoplasty. Ask your surgeon about the changes to expect in the first year and how to minimize swelling.

Why do rhinoplasties fail?

After a whole year of healing, you can opt for revision if the initial procedure did not meet your expectations. The nose job failure rate is approximately five to ten percent of rhinoplasties. You can conclude that your nose job failed and seek revision for the following reasons:

  • The first procedure does not complement your face.
  • Your nose didn’t heal as expected.
  • Your nose healed aesthetically, not functionally.
  • You experienced nasal trauma during the procedure.

Note that a rhinoplasty failure is likely to happen if an inexperienced surgeon performs it. Additionally, it can be caused by an overly aggressive surgery or one that wasn’t inadequately aggressive. Choosing an expert who can generate consistent and excellent results and has performed hundreds, if not thousands, of rhinoplasties is crucial. Well-done research can save you the pain, trouble, and extra costs of redoing the surgery.

Revision rhinoplasty

Start by discussing your nasal concerns with the surgeon who performed the procedure or with another surgeon specializing in revision rhinoplasty. Be upfront with the specialist about your desired nasal configuration for a tailored plan that will meet your needs. Remember that rhinoplasty risks increase with each revision, making it crucial to find the best facial plastic surgeon for the procedure.

Must you undergo surgery to correct a nose job?

It’s not necessary to undergo surgery to enhance your appearance. Besides, a revision is costly and takes longer to heal than the first procedure. A convenient option is fillers. Fillers temporarily improve your nose’s appearance and treat minor irregularities. More permanent fillers exist but are not recommended for those considering revision rhinoplasty.

Choose Charlotte’s top rhinoplasty surgeon

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