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Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty expert explains nose job’s positive effects

A rhinoplasty expert can help you enjoy positive lasting effects after your procedure

Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty expert can help you enjoy lasting results after the procedure. Patients undergoing a nose job have high hopes for their post-operative outcomes, especially when they see their new nose in their daily lives. Numerous studies have shown that changing the size or form of the nose permanently appeals to both men and women, making nasal surgery one of the most common facial plastic surgery treatments. To attain their desired results, some patients attempt to fine-tune the finer elements, while others search for major improvements. However, the long-term modifications that can have an impact on patients who have had rhinoplasty do not depend on the extent of the changes.

Better breathing

Patients seeking rhinoplasty frequently prioritize other goals besides improved breathing, particularly those who solely want cosmetic alterations. Although it’s usual for patients to report improved breathing, the major objective of any nose job surgeon is to improve the appearance of the nose while maintaining or enhancing nasal function. Sometimes altering the outward size and form enables internal adjustments that help clear nasal blockages. Discuss your worries, both functional and cosmetic, with a qualified, board-certified rhinoplasty surgeon. Once your nose job recovery is over, you might be astonished at how much easier breathing is.

Sleeping better

There is a good probability that you will start sleeping better if your breathing improves. The elimination of your nightly snores, frequent nosebleeds, excruciating migraines, uncomfortable sinus congestion, and other undesirable symptoms can be achieved by maintaining open, clear airways. Many nose job patients don’t anticipate getting more quality sleep at night, but it can happen. Imagine the positive effects better sleep can have on the rest of your life: you’ll be more awake, focused, and energetic, and you could even discover a fresh desire to accomplish your other goals. To discover more about how rhinoplasty surgery can help you breathe better and sleep better, speak with your nose job surgeon.

Offer a more youthful look

Even while most people don’t choose to get rhinoplasty surgery as an anti-aging technique, some patients may unintentionally seem younger afterward. It’s difficult to anticipate how modifications to the nose will affect how old you appear to be, but it’s feasible that a smaller or more refined nose might make a significant difference. Patients who underwent rhinoplasty claimed to look younger. Plan your rhinoplasty procedure and be ready in case this unanticipated benefit occurs.

Work with Charlotte’s best rhinoplasty expert

Successful rhinoplasty procedures can help you get outstanding results. Work with the best rhinoplasty experts in Charlotte NC to get a successful procedure. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only Faces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.