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Rhinoplasty and how to recover

Preparing for your rhinoplasty recovery

In addition to the steps you should take to prepare for the nose job or rhinoplasty itself, such as quitting smoking or taking any form of nicotine and avoiding certain medications, there are steps you should take beforehand to prepare for the recovery. Make sure you’ve allowed some time to stay at home, rest, and recuperate, and that you have a minimum of social obligations for the next month. Have plenty of fluids on hand, as well as some lip balm. If you need glasses, now would be a good time to adjust to wearing prescription contacts — you won’t want anything resting on your nose while it’s healing.


The first few days

The apin is worst during the first two to three days after rhinoplast, and ibuprofen and aspirin are not recommended. Your surgeon should recommend some other painkillers. Be sure to take them, along with antibiotics to prevent infection. Ask your surgeon about cold packs. You may not feel up to eating real food for a while, but healing is going to take some calories. Stay away from salty foods, which can cause inflammation at the tip of your nose, but otherwise eat as much as you can manage. Also, drink plenty of fluids and get a lot of sleep. While you’re sleeping, elevate your head and torso — especially your head. This will reduce the swelling that usually follows a nose job.


The next few weeks

Don’t bump your nose into anything. Stay away from pullover sweaters and other garments that brush against your nose. Take your temperature often. You really don’t want to catch a cold or the flu right now — your nose is still much too fragile to sneeze through. Limiting human contact and washing your hands often will do a lot to prevent that. Always put sunscreen on your nose if going outside on a sunny day. Don’t do anything that might raise blood pressure in your head, such as bending over or exercising hard. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon can give you advice on managing your recovery that is both more thorough and better tailored to your personal medical situation.


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