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Procedures for lip enhancement

Lip enhancement can improve the appearance of your lips

If you are not happy with your lips, there are several procedures that can help enhance their appearance.  These include lip enhancement and lip surgery.  Both of these procedures are designed to help improve your smile by providing full, well-shaped lips.  You may have been born with disproportionate lips or your lips may have thinned due to aging.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman, one of the best facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC can improve the appearance of your lips at his clinic, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery.  Dr. Freeman is double board-certified in facial plastic surgery techniques and has more than twenty years of experience.  He will meet with you to discuss your options for improving the appearance of your lips and explain exactly what he recommends.


The best candidates for lip enhancement procedures

Individuals in good overall health make the best candidates for any type of lip enhancement procedure.  Additionally, you should have no cold sores, clotting problems or certain diseases such as lupus or diabetes.  If you have any scarring on your lips, this may also be a problem.  Dr. Freeman will discuss these issues and any other concerns you may have during your consultation appointment for lip enhancement.


Lip enhancement procedure options

Dr. Freeman can perform a variety of procedures designed to enhance the appearance of your lips.  The first is lip augmentation done with either implantable dermis or fillers.  If you and Dr. Freeman decide that a surgical implant is the best option for you, he will use a dermal allograft during your procedure.  A dermal allograft provides a soft, natural look to your lips and can be manipulated in a number of ways to provide the right amount of lip enhancement.  An allograft dermis implant is a natural tissue that Dr. Freeman procures from specialized sources within the United States.  Allograft dermis is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The tissue comes from donors and is thoroughly screened and tested by the tissue bank.  Lip enhancement surgery using an allograft dermis is performed by Dr. Freeman in his state-of-the-art operating suite at his clinic in Charlotte NC.  Following surgery, most patients can return to work within a week.  There is some bruising and swelling, but these abate in a matter of days.


The other lip enhancement procedure recommended by Dr. Freeman is a lip lift.  He may recommend this procedure after analyzing your face and determining that your facial features are out of balance.  Dr. Freeman’s goal is to improve your appearance and provide you with a natural, youthful, and rested look.  If your lips are out of proportion, Dr. Freeman will perform a lift lip at his clinic.  The procedure consists of making an incision under the nose.  Dr. Freeman will remove excess skin and the surrounding muscles are tightened as necessary.  Recovery time is minimal, with little bruising or swelling.


Schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. M. Sean Freeman to discuss the possibility of lip enhancement.  He will meet with you at his clinic, The Center for Facial and Plastic Laser Surgery in Charlotte NC to discuss your lip enhancement options.

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