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Nose job surgeon in Charlotte recommends several remedies to reduce bruising

Nose job surgeon will complete the procedure and follow up throughout the recovery

The most experienced nose job surgeon in Charlotte will prepare and complete the procedure to get you the results you need. One of the common side effects of any surgery is bruising and swelling, which can often be accompanied by some pain.

While the pain becomes manageable as you recover, the swelling might stick around for longer. You need to deal with the bruising to make it painless as well otherwise, you will feel itchy and experience discomfort. The experts recommend several methods to deal with the bruising, including;

Using ice

Your nose job will have some pain, alongside swelling. Even while you have bandages on, you can place a bag of ice gently over the area to calm the pain and reduce bruising.

Be gentle when placing ice on your nose after the procedure since any harsh movement might create complications. Allow your nose to heal, and put the ice on each time you feel an itch instead of scratching the area.

 Proper diets

To recover properly, you need to eat a healthy and balanced diet to enjoy all minerals. You must ingest most of the foods rich in enzyme papase for the best results. These enter the body and accelerate the production of red blood cells that increase the patient’s recovery rate. It is also essential to repair skin in the incision areas to reduce bruising.

You should also eat foods rich in Vitamin D since your body needs it in adequate quantities. Foods are the only source you can get the vitamin from since doctors recommend avoiding basking in the sun until you recover fully.

 Using inflammation medication

Anti-inflammatory medication is also a way to deal with swelling and bruising. By eliminating any inflammation, the medication cause skin in the area to be tight enough, resulting in proper recovery.

Some experts recommend having arnica tablets before the surgery since they stay in the system for about ten days. They promote recovery and help you reduce the chances of bruising.

You should listen to any doctor’s recommendations about practices and medication to avoid. Consult them before using anti-inflammatory drugs to prevent more side effects.

Number 1 nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC- Dr. Freeman

Bruising and swelling are expected after each rhinoplasty procedure. These ease off throughout the recovery period, but the above techniques can help you heal better. Work with the best nose job surgeon in Charlotte for outstanding results.

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