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Charlotte’s best nose job surgeon explains physical and emotional factors before rhinoplasty

A nose job surgeon recommends considering the physical and emotional effects of the procedure

A nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC insists on the need for teenagers to consider the physical and emotional effects of rhinoplasty. Teenage rhinoplasty describes procedures to change the nose in individuals who are younger, usually under the age of 18. Teenagers may express complaints about their appearance, their breathing, or both. Before moving forward with a treatment plan, it is crucial to recognize that younger patients are different from adults in both physical and emotional ways.

Physical considerations

Adolescence is a crucial period for physical development because of the changes in hormone levels that affect the growth and development of the face and skeleton. The nose is particularly susceptible to these changes and keeps expanding throughout adolescence and adulthood. However, these changes quicken and become more obvious during puberty.

Performing rhinoplasty surgery during this delicate period could result in long-term problems with nasal look and function. The interior and external support structures of the nose are made of bone or cartilage. Critical elements of this tent’s structure should not be removed or altered because doing so may weaken the nose’s support structure over time and result in poor growth. Additionally, the nose’s bone and cartilage are less strong and formed when it is younger.

Emotional considerations

The emotional drivers behind a teen’s desire for rhinoplasty must be identified. It could be brought on by peer pressure, negative social interactions, identity issues, and exclusionary feelings. The formative years of adolescence are crucial for developing a person’s identity, self-worth, and confidence. The way someone looks is just one component of what makes them who they are. Surgery to change a person’s physical appearance, particularly during adolescence, may not always result in increased confidence and self-esteem. It’s critical to comprehend the driving forces behind a teen’s desire to change their physical look in order to meet expectations and identify any underlying mental problems.

It is crucial to comprehend the full nature of a patient’s complaints and concerns beyond the physical in teenagers more than in any other type of patient. Patients and their families must understand the complexity of every element that could be pushing a young patient toward surgical procedures. Only after having a complete understanding of the situation can a surgeon start developing a therapy strategy for their young patient.

These discussions frequently take place in front of parents or other adult guardians. Teenagers may, however, occasionally feel more inclined to divulge facts in private. Prior to concentrating on the physical appearance of the nose, it is crucial for your surgeon to understand the social and emotional components.

Work with the best nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC

Rhinoplasty’s effects on teenagers can be tremendous, but you should consider the physical and emotional effects. Work with the best nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC for amazing results. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at Only FacesCharlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon, to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.