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Nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC offers dorsal hump removal

Nose job surgeon talks about dorsal hump removal surgery

A nose job surgeon will say the most popular reason clients come to their office is to remove a bump from the bridge of their nose. This feature of the nose can affect the appearance of the nose and face from different angles, but it is most obvious from the side view of the face. This is also called a dorsal hump.


There is not anything that is considered unhealthy or dangerous about these bumps, for most people. The way that they look can make some feel self-conscious.


The dorsal hump can become enlarged due to an injury or genetics. The removal, or reduction procedure, is done to make the nose coordinate with other facial structures and make the esthetic lines of the nose smoother.


What is a dorsal hump?

The dorsal hump is a deformity on the ‘bridge’ of your nose and is the structure that connects it to your face. It is made with a mix of cartilage and bone and ends just before the tip of the nose. A flatter and smoother nasal bridge are what most rhinoplasty patients desire.


It is very important that you only with Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon for two reasons. Surgeons need to practice extreme care when performing surgery on the nose, this is because the nose is made up of cartilage and bones that are both very delicate. A serious mistake during surgery can cause issues in nose function. The second reason is the results of surgery can’t be hidden as easily with a nose job.


Removal of the dorsal hump

In order to make the nose in proportion with the aesthetic line of the face, a dorsal hump removal procedure is recommended.


Closed rhinoplasty techniques can be used to reduce the size of large and small dorsal humps. A rhinoplasty surgeon will consult with you to assess the hump size, the desired nasal structure result, the length of the nasal bones, and the presence of nose cartilage. It is very important to discuss the probable cause of the hump because non-surgical procedures can be used to fix the nose in some cases to remove or reduce the hump.


Removal without surgery

A non-surgical procedure, such as fillers, can camouflage small dorsal humps but are not a permanent solution.


To make the bridge of the nose more of a straight line, fillers are injected just above the hump. This reason is why an injectable filler will not be the right choice for noses that have a larger hump.


Injectable fillers only last between six months to a few years and need to be repeated at these times. This non-surgical procedure for dorsal hump removal will only take less than 10 minutes and does not need any downtime when it is done.


Nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC

The nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC recommends that you create a surgery plan that will lead you to the results you want to see. Contact Dr. Sean Freeman at OnlyFaces, Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplasty surgeon and top facial plastic surgeon to schedule a consultation to find out what procedure is right for you. Call today.