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Nose job surgeon in Charlotte explains reasons for botched procedures

Nose job surgeon help with revision rhinoplasty in case of a failed procedure

Nose job surgeon in Charlotte NC focuses on helping you get the best rhinoplasty results. Statistics show that most of patients get satisfactory results, but some still grapple with bad results.

Getting a botched nose job procedure is not the end of results since there are remedies to the situation. This article looks through the reasons for failed procedures and how you can distinguish them from the rest. You also will read through revision rhinoplasty and how the surgeons can help.

Reasons why rhinoplasty surgeries fail

There are various reasons why a rhinoplasty surgery can be considered a failed procedure. Some of the ways to note a botched procedure include;

The disparity between expected results and the actual outcome of the procedure

In such cases, the results are not able to suit the patient’s face. The patient might need the procedure redone or undergo revision surgery to amend errors that cause the issue.

Healing doesn’t happen as expected

One of the concerns in a failed procedure is problems with healing. The recovery results after surgery are all not the same, and there may be instances of botched procedures. Patients require repeat surgery to help them heal in the right way.

Some of the problems you can expect in the healing process are nasal trauma and fractures in the nose. As a result, you may end up with swollen and cracked bones or a misaligned nose. Revision rhinoplasty can help you treat the problem as a whole.

Alteration of nasal function

A wrongly done nose job surgery can alter the normal nose functions. In such an event, there is the need to consider revision rhinoplasty to deal with the issue as a whole. The rhinoplasty surgeon deals with any obstructions within the nasal cavity to allow the patient to resume normalcy in breathing.

Work with the best nose job surgeon in Charlotte

The best solution for botched rhinoplasty surgery is to settle for revision. It is possible that your failed procedure resulted from hiring an inexperienced surgeon. You have to go for the most experienced nose job surgeon to get the best results.

The rhinoplasty experts conduct an overall inspection of the patient’s nose condition. Their experience in handling revision surgeries will make sure you end up with top results. They not only deal with the problem but also help you end up with the desired outcome.

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