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More cases of teen rhinoplasty

Brenda and the small improvement

(The following are dramatizations-.rhinoplasty) Brenda was fifteen years old, and had always thought of herself as looking ordinary. Not beautiful, not ugly, just… not standing out in a crowd. Which in some ways felt worse than being ugly. One day, when she was fourteen, one of her more honest than diplomatic friends at school suggested she try a nose job. Out of sheer curiosity, she went looking online and found some software that showed her what she would look like with a different nose.


The result was startling. Just a little smoothing of the lines of her nose, and suddenly a dozen subtle features were a lot more noticeable — her eyes, lips, cheekbones. Without the small crinkle in her nose to draw attention away from everything else, suddenly she looked beautiful. From that day forward, she was determined to get a nose job.


The trouble was that she was still too young. Her nose was still developing, which meant that if someone gave her just the right nose now, it wouldn’t still be the right nose in a year or two. It wasn’t until she was fifteen and a half that the facial plastic surgeon looked at her and decided she was ready, physically and emotionally, for teen rhinoplasty. The operation itself was just a closed rhinoplasty, which reduced recovery time.


Chris’s crooked nose

For a long time, Chris had never had a problem with his looks. His nose was crooked, and had been ever since a tumble down a flight of stairs as a boy, but there was nothing wrong with the rest of his looks. He also snored a lot, but he was asleep when he did it and the rest of his family was used to it.


As he got older, the snoring problem got worse. He would wake up several times a night due to breathing problems and have trouble staying awake in class the next day. When he was 17, he finally got teen rhinoplasty to straighten out his deviated septum. He was surprised at how much better he looked once the swelling went down.


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