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Mini-face lift in Charlotte NC: find top Charlotte plastic surgeon

Mini-face lift: what is it and what can you expect?

A mini-face lift is a powerful option for treatment that will noticeably reverse the signs of facial aging. By manipulating the facial skin and muscles underneath through surgery, a facelift is a procedure that makes your skin look tighter and more youthful.


Varying in the terms of the types of results that they provide and their degree of invasiveness, there are many types of facelift procedures.


What is a mini-face lift?

A mini-face lift is a slightly revised version of the traditional facelift procedure. Both use an incision to remove and pull up the sagging skin. However, if you have less skin to remove and you’re looking to have the same goals with fewer incisions, a mini-face lift may be the best for you.


A mini-face lift is still a significant cosmetic procedure despite the name. Before going through any type of cosmetic surgery it’s important to consider all the benefits and drawbacks.


Mini-face lift benefits

The shorter amount of time that is needed to recover is one of the main benefits of a mini-face lift. It will only take 3-5 days to recover from a mini-face lift compared to 4-5 weeks to recover from a traditional facelift. As a matter of fact, since patients can have the procedure done on a Friday and still be able to go back to work and other regular activities on Monday, a mini-lift is often called a weekend facelift. However, just like a regular facelift, the sutures are removed around seven days after the procedure.


The amount of pain or discomfort that most patients feel after the procedure is very minimal since a mini-face lift is less invasive. Some bruising and light swelling might occur, but it is much less than after a full traditional facelift and usually goes away after several weeks.


A mini-lift can usually be performed using a combination of a local anesthetic and twilight sedation, unlike a regular facelift which will sometimes need general anesthesia. The chance of a patient experiencing any anesthesia-based risks or side effects such as nausea or vomiting is reduced because of the twilight anesthesia.


Costs such as facility costs and surgeon fees are lower since mini-lifts take less time, are less complicated, and don’t need general anesthesia.


Mini-face lift drawbacks

The results of a facelift typically last longer because they are more invasive. That being said, the results that can be received from a mini-face lift will not last as long as a full facelift. You can expect the results of a mini-face lift to last anywhere between two to six years if you keep a healthy lifestyle after your procedure.


You may not see a dramatic result from a mini-lift since it is less invasive. It is a procedure that is an ideal choice to take care of any moderate aging in your face, this is usually the reason why it is recommended for younger patients that are just in the starting stages of facial aging. A full facelift will be required for patients who have more severe symptoms of aging.


Mini-face lift in Charlotte NC: what to expect

Mini-face lift surgeons in Charlotte NC will send you home after your surgery with dressings covering your stitches, as well as any necessary drains. When the stitches are ready to be taken out, you will need to go to your surgeon for an appointment to have them removed. Afterward, you may still have some swelling and bruising.


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