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Know your lip enhancements

Lip enhancement is now being used by both sexes

Lip enhancements surgery is a popular way to achieve a subtle improvement in your appearance. And it is no longer of exclusive interest to women. Men these days are increasingly seeking out lip enhancements surgery. Four percent of those who underwent such surgery in 2015 were men — up from 1 percent just a year earlier.


Before this surgery, as before any facial plastic surgery, stop smoking — nicotine constricts blood vessels, so the less of it there is in your system, the faster you’ll heal. There will be a little swelling and bruising after the surgery, and you’ll probably want to take a few days off. Don’t put makeup on until the visible sutures have been taken out. This should only take five or six days.


Lip augmentation 

If you want your lips to be just a little bit fuller, the most commonly used approach is the injection of a filler. Hyaluronic acid products are the most common fillers used, but fat is also sometimes used. The procedure requires a little topical anesthetic before the injection. The swelling wears off after one or two days.


A more radical reshaping can be achieved through a dermal allograft, which means transplanting donated skin tissue into your lips. Specialized medical sources within the U.S. remove the cells from the tissue so that they can transplant the collagen. All tissue donors are carefully screened before being allowed to donate. If you get a dermal allograft, it will be several days before you are ready to return to work, but the dermis will naturally become a part of your own tissue.


Lip lifts 

The upper lip should take up about a third of the space between the base of the nose and the tip of the chin. If the upper lip is too long, the surgeon may recommend a lip lift. He or she will make an incision under the nose, removing excess skin and tightening the muscles to bring out the upper lip and create the illusion of fuller lips. This is usually done in the surgeon’s office rather than an operating room and involves only a little sedation.


Charlotte’s best facial plastic surgeon

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