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Information about different kinds of facial plastic surgery procedures

Types of facial plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery is available from Charlotte, NC’s top cosmetic surgeon. There are many kinds of facial plastic surgery, including procedures done on the nose, chin, lips, neck, eyebrows, eyelids, cheeks, and ears. There are numerous non-surgical procedures available as well.


Nose surgery

Cosmetic surgery on the nose is called rhinoplasty. Most patients have rhinoplasty done to augment, reduce, or change the shape of their nose, including the bridge, tip, or nostrils. Surgery on the bone or cartilage of the bridge is called a closed rhinoplasty. Stitches cannot be seen from the outside. Surgery to the tip of the nose and nostrils is called open rhinoplasty. You will be able to see stitches either between the nostrils or on the edge of each nostril for a week or two. In general, swelling and bruising from rhinoplasty last for 10 days, with minor swelling lasting up to a year.


Chin surgery

Many patients have a chin implant in tandem with rhinoplasty to compliment the shape of their nose in profile. A chin implant is inserted from inside the mouth, near the bottom gum line. Like with rhinoplasty, swelling and bruising last for approximately two weeks, with minor swelling continuing on for several months.


Ear surgery

Ear surgery is called otoplasty. It is usually done during childhood to correct protruding ears, though revision rhinoplasty is also quite popular for older individuals who may have had the procedure done during childhood and are unhappy with the results. Otoplasty can also correct ear deformities from birth or as a result of injury. Recovery typically takes one week, with precautions taken for about four weeks to avoid trauma to the ears, e.g. through sports.


Eyebrow and eyelid surgery

Eyebrow and eyelid surgery are somewhat similar. Lifting the brows or upper eyelids helps to correct the drooping that can occur with age by removing excess skin and tightening the muscles in that area. A lower eyelid surgery is different; it helps diminish the hollow look that can form under the eyes with age.


Lip surgery

The lips can either be lifted or augmented to achieve a more proportional look, for example, if the lips are naturally thin, or if there is a disproportionate amount of space between the nose and top lip vs. the chin and bottom lip. There are also non-surgical procedures available to increase lip size, including injectable fillers and implantable dermis.


Neck, cheeks, and overall facial plastic surgery

Lastly, neck lifts, cheek implants, and face lifts achieve an overall younger look. Non-surgical alternatives to this include injections and laser resurfacing.


Dr. M. Sean Freeman

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