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How a rhinoplasty can improve the appearance

The rhinoplasty procedure can help improve the appearance

A rhinoplasty is a form of facial plastic surgery.  The goal of a rhinoplasty procedure is to resolve functional or cosmetic issues with a patient’s nose.  One of the top five facial plastic surgery procedures requested annually in the United States, the rhinoplasty procedure can help improve not only a patient’s appearance, but may also have a positive impact on their self-esteem.  Some patients are very unhappy with the appearance of their nose or how aging has changed their nose.  Other patients are suffering from some type of physical or functional issue which impacts their breathing.  A slight alternation of the nose made during a rhinoplasty can greatly improve the appearance and the function of the nose.  As is true with any type of surgery, it is important that the patient be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of the rhinoplasty procedure.


The art of rhinoplasty surgery

A rhinoplasty requires a skilled facial plastic surgery who can provide the artistry, along with the appropriate medical knowledge to successfully refine the shape of the nose so that it is in balance with the rest of the facial features.  Charlotte’s most experienced rhinoplast surgeon, Dr. M. Sean Freeman approaches rhinoplasty surgery with the goal of resolving any nasal issues while maintaining the unique look of the patient.  Rhinoplasty surgery will often require the facial plastic surgeon make fine, minute changes to the nasal autonomy as they refine the appearance of the nose.  Dr. Freeman will meet with the patient prior to surgery to determine the best approach for resolving the patient’s issues.  He may recommend other facial plastic surgery procedures such as chin implants to improve the balance of the facial features.  Dr. Freeman does not recommend a rhinoplasty until the patient’s nose is fully formed.  This is typically ages 14 to 16 for women and ages 16-18 for men.


The rhinoplasty procedure

During a rhinoplasty procedure, Dr. Freeman adjusts the cartilage of the nose to improve its shape.  The lower lateral cartilage affects the shape of the nasal tip and the upper lateral cartilage impacts the wide of the supratip and allows Dr. Freeman to rotate the tip.  Dr. Freeman may also make refinements to the nasal bones to help bring balance to the facial features.  Dr. Freeman typically makes incisions within the nose so they cannot be seen.  This is called a closed rhinoplasty and results in less swelling and bruising for the patient.  If a patient requires significant change, Dr. Freeman may perform an open rhinoplast where he will perform an incision along the base of the nose between the nostrils.  An incision from an open rhinoplast will generally heal without complications or aesthetic issues.  This approach may result in increased swelling or bruising for the rhinoplast patient.

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