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Five anti-aging reasons for a facelift

Five ways a facelift fights the signs of aging

Even though aging may be unavoidable, it does not mean we must continue to experience wrinkles, loose skin and jowls.  Dr. M. Sean Freeman, a double board-certified facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC can help improve your appearance with either a full facelift or his Signaturelift, a procedure he developed and perfected.  For those considering a facelift, there are some definite advantages to having Dr. Freeman perform this facial plastic surgery procedure.


Younger-looking skin

It can be hard to see ourselves getting older every time we look in the mirror.  As we age, our skin retains less moisture and becomes thin and wrinkled, losing its elasticity.  A facelift from Dr. Freeman can help reduce wrinkles and tighten skin, making the facial skin appear more youthful.


Increased self-esteem

Aging can often impact a person’s self-esteem, making them feel older than they are.  Some individuals even cease to socialize, fearing how people will react to their visible signs of aging.  A facelift can help drastically improve one’s appearance.  This can provide them a boost in their self-esteem and help get them back out and in circulation.


Regained self-confidence

The loss of self-esteem often goes hand-in-hand with a loss of self-confidence.  There may be a significant loss in belief in themselves.  A facelift can often produce such wonderful results that a person has a renewed interest in life.  Dr. Freeman’s goal with every facelift is to provide the best and most natural results possible.  He is determined that none of his patients ever come out of facelift surgery with a “plastic” or unnatural look.


Saves time

A facelift is a relatively quick way to improve the signs of aging.  Other methods, including lasers and skin treatments, often take several months or longer.  A facelift may be more challenging up front, but once you are recovered, the results are immediately apparent.  The adverse effects of aging are literally erased with one procedure.  Dr. Freeman is board certified by both the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and by the American Board of Otolaryngology (Head and Neck surgery).  He has more than twenty years of experience specializing in facial plastic surgery and dedicates all of his skill to transforming his patients.


Saves costs over the long run

Even though we may continue to spend money on improving or retaining our youthful appearance, the one-time cost of a facelift can save us money.  We will most likely spend less on beauty creams and treatments since the facelift will so drastically improve our youthful appearance.  A facelift performed by Dr. Freeman helps return our youthful appearance.  He performs hundreds of facelifts every year and is considered the best facial plastic surgeon in Charlotte NC and in the Southeastern United States.  Give his office a call today to set up a consultation to see if a facelift is right for you.

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