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Fight the early signs of aging with a minituck

A minituck can reverse the signs of aging

A minituck may be the right answer to the sagging skin around your jawline, neck and cheeks.  This facial plastic surgery procedure is not as major as a full facelift.  Often thought of as a weekend lift, a minituck can help you feel and look younger.  One of Charlotte’s top facial plastic surgeons, Dr. M. Sean Freeman can perform his SignatureLift, a procedure he developed and perfected for his younger patients who are not ready for a full facelift.  Dr. Freeman can also perform a SignatureLift or minituck on those who need a touch-up following a full facelift.  A minituck is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to a full facelift.


Dr. Freeman does not recommend a minituck for problem areas such as the forehead or brow.  However, since recovery time is much quicker than following a full facelift, many younger women are electing to have a minituck to reverse early signs of aging such as loose skin or sagging that is just starting.  These women (and men) want a facial plastic surgery procedure that can restore the firm skin like they had in their twenties.  Often, they are looking to make improvements around the jowls and neck or reduce the lines and wrinkles around the mouth and nose.


What to expect during a minituck

Even though a minituck is much less invasive than a full facelift, this procedure is still an invasive procedure.  Dr. Freeman will evaluate your face and skin during your consultation appointment and then determine if you can benefit from a minituck.  If Dr. Freeman recommends a minituck, he will typically perform the procedure under sedation, although you always have the option of general anesthesia.


During the minituck procedure, Dr. Freeman will make tiny incisions to precisely repair any damage and reverse the signs of aging.  A mini tuck is considered to be more preventative than restorative and is not used to repair deep lines and wrinkles.  Even so, the minituck can significantly improve the appearance of your skin.  It helps improve wrinkles and lines before they become too advanced.


A minituck procedure will normally take about an hour and your recovery time will be about two to three days.  Most patients can return to work within a week following the procedure.  Any sutures will be visible for five to six days, but Dr. Freeman will try to hide this within your hairline.  There will normally be minimal bruising or swelling.  Dr. Freeman performs his SignatureLift procedure with the goal of leaving each patient with an improved appearance, but not looking as if they had any facial plastic surgery done.  Dr. Freeman’s SignatureLift helps reverse the signs of early aging and can help you return to a younger, more refreshed appearance.


Dr. M. Sean Freeman is one of the best facial plastic surgeons in Charlotte NC.  For the best results, schedule a consultation appointment with him to discuss a minituck or SignatureLift.

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