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Facial surgery surgeon in Charlotte NC- professionalism and practices

Best facial surgery surgeon is a doctor that is professionally trained in facial plastic surgery.  As we age day by day our cheeks also lose fat and wrinkles begin to appear. Our faces begin to lose form and shape hollows and jowls begin to form on our faces. Aging comes differently for each individual. Cheek augmentation is a surgical procedure that aims at changing the cheekbone structure on the face of a person. The intention behind this is to make the cheeks fuller and the person look more attractive than he or she was before. Plastic surgeons have seen thousands of patients troop daily into hospitals asking for cheek implants.

Malar augmentation (Cheek implant or Augmentation)
The best facial surgery surgeon often uses the malar augmentation procedure on their numerous clients or patients. Malar augmentation is a safe and easy procedure that yields maximum satisfactory results for clients or patients. The procedure also complements and rejuvenates the face. The main objective of a malar augmentation is to provide the patient or client with a beautiful facial profile and at the same time give harmony that suits the face of the patient and matches his or her requirement. This surgery procedure also corrects asymmetries and attenuates wrinkles.

A good candidate for cheek augmentation
Best facial surgery surgeons list patients with deformities due to loss of tissue on the cheekbone as good candidates for cheek augmentation. In general, individuals that are dissatisfied with their facial structure and contour are also ideal candidates for augmentation. It is also required that patient should be in good health condition.

Preparation for cheek augmentation surgery

Best facial surgery surgeon will list quite a number of steps to follow as guidelines in preparation for cheek implant or augmentation. Daily prescriptions of vitamin C and Arnica are to be taken for fourteen days before and after surgery. Smokers are also advised to stop smoking for at least four weeks before the surgery and then wait for at least four weeks after the surgery before embarking on any smoking spree. Alcohol should be avoided for a maximum of twenty-four hours before the surgery.

Best facial surgeon in Charlotte 
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