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Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC offers tips for men having plastic surgery

Facial plastic surgery office gives tips to men that are thinking of having facial plastic surgery


Facial plastic surgery office says that men are no different than women when it comes to their appearance. They don’t want to look tired, out of shape, or old. Men will often feel a bit helpless when they look in the mirror and the first thing that they notice are the first signs of aging that are starting to appear, just like the ladies. For this reason, more and more men are turning to plastic surgery as the cultural norms start to shift. Over 1.3 million aesthetic procedures are being performed on men every year, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).


However, the risks involved have seen a spike along with the rise in popularity. Although these procedures are much safer than ever, there has been an increase in untrained, fly-by-night clinics that continue to pop up in hopes of cashing in on this craze. Just like women, men must remain vigilant when looking for the right plastic surgeon to ensure that they have a safe procedure and see the desired results.


Tips for men that are considering plastic surgery


  1. Do Your Research


The most important thing that you need to do is conduct the proper research when it comes to plastic surgery. Exactly what will you be researching?


You should be gathering the details on the type of procedure you want to have done. How long is each procedure? What do they entail? What is the recovery process like? If any, what type of anesthesia is required? Will you be required to follow any special pre- or post-op instructions?


Throughout your research phase, these are all very important questions that you should be asking any prospective facial plastic surgeon.


  1. Schedule In-Person Consultations


Scheduling a face-to-face consultation with any prospective plastic surgeon is the best way to get the answers to your questions and concerns.


This will present you with the opportunity to get to know your plastic surgeon beforehand, and this will ease any worries that you are having about the procedure. Establishing a positive dynamic and close relationship with your chosen surgeon is important to help increase your confidence and trust in their work.


You should ask for a list of credentials during this time to ascertain that they’re board-certified and ask if you are able to look through any before and after pictures of their previous patients. You should also pay attention when speaking with your surgeon to see if they are listening to your questions and answering them all.


  1. Keep realistic expectations


To try and imitate a specific look, some patients will make a special request to achieve it. There is nothing wrong with requesting fuller cheeks or a certain nose shape, however, the problem begins when patients ask to look exactly like a specific celebrity.


Your plastic surgeon should be able to assess your aesthetics and determine which procedure is most suitable for you during your consultation. It is then their duty to inform you if they have determined that a certain procedure will not serve your best interests.


Facial plastic surgery in Charlotte NC

Our facial plastic surgery office in Charlotte NC can tailor our services to meet the needs of every male patient that comes to our office.


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